School Council 2020-21

Democracy at St Adrian’s


Agenda for next meeting

Thank you for electing us as your representatives.

What you can expect from us:

We are here to represent YOUR opinions not our own. We report back to you following each meeting.

You should feel that the school council belongs to you – not just us as representatives.

We can deal with lots of different issues, for example: learning, your classrooms and playgrounds, fundraising events.

In our first meeting we decided on our priorities for the year

Promoting equality, tolerance and inclusion in the school

Fundraising for key charities and equipment throughout the year

Celebrating different subjects through running competitions and curriculum days

British Values Assembly Resources

What is democracy

Democracy in action at St Adrian’s

Individual Liberty

Growth Mindset Assembly Resources

Growth Mindset: The Dot

British Values and Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset: Four Boosting Messages

Growth Mindset: Independent Learning