Children In Need 2023

The School Council at St Adrians’ love to support Children in Need and this year they helped to raise £529.97!

Wearing Spots

All children across the school came to school wearing as many spots as they could.

St Adrian’s Bake Off

In addition to wearing spotty clothes, the School Council organised a cake competition which inspired many children to take part. The cakes were all sorts of shapes and sizes, some tray bakes, some cookies, some big cakes and some smaller ones. The children brought so many cakes that it was so tricky to judge.

Here are a few:

The School Council finally picked a winner from each class and an overall winner, Sophia Sawle, who had made a rainbow cake covered in chocolate. Congratulations to them all!

The cakes were then enjoyed by all who came to the after school cake sale.

Thank you to all who were involved: the School Council, the pupils and parents who supported their children.

Show Racism the Red Card

This year, in order to ‘Show Racism the Red Card’, our school has worn their favourite red clothes to help raise awareness of the problem of racism. This year, we managed to raise £132.50 for this worthy cause and we hope it will benefit the future of young people as they strive to raise awareness of this important issue.

We, the children of St Adrian’s give Racism the Red Card!

Written by Lily Christie, Head Girl on behalf of the School Council.

School Council 2023-2024

Welcome to the new members of the School Council for this academic year.

We are lucky to have the Head Boy, Henry Madders, Head Girl, Lily Christie, and Deputy Head Boy, Archie Beghani Phillips and Deputy Head Girl, Ailbhe Hanbury on the School Council this year so we certainly have a strong team.

We had our first School Council meeting on 3rd October where we discussed two fund raising events.

Show Racism the Red Card:   On Friday 20th October, children across the school can bring £1 to wear red for the day to go towards Show Racism the Red Card. This will culminate in our whole school focus on Black History Month.

Children in Need: On Friday 17th November, children across the school can wear spotty clothes and bring £1 for this. In addition, we will have a Bake Off competition. Children who enter will pay £1, and will bring in cakes (large or small) they have made and decorated. The School Council will judge the cakes from each class.

The cakes will then go on sale after school and all proceeds will go to the Children In Need charity.

In preparation for the these events, the School Council will write letters to the parents informing them about the events, they will design posters to advertise the events and they will be involved in the running of the events too. It is very much a hands on team effort we have here at St Adrian’s.

School Council organises St Adrian’s Got Talent

Since before half term, the school council has been planning and preparing for this event. The members of the school council, designed and created posters to advertise the auditions, they gave up their lunch times for over a week to watch and judge all of the auditions.

Today, was the final and the judges took to their seats and watched each finalist very carefully before making their final decision.

On the 23rd of June, it was the day for the final and the school judges took to their seats and watched each finalist very carefully before making their final decision.

The first act was Rosanne from Reception and she played the piano exceptionally well for her age. Then Jessica Tran also from Reception sang lighter by Diana and Roma. Sofia from Year 1 sang a classic book, The Gruffalo. After that Orlagh, Eva, Darcy and Molly from Year 1 sang My Lighthouse. Colette and Serena from Year 2 played the piano and violin together. Jan played his hand drum whilst singing Haaland.

Arthur from  Year 3 played the piano extremely well and then Harper and May sang a kids favourite song Its Raining Tacos.Then Jeremy and Aiden from Y4 sang a Liverpool football club classic Si Sinior. Second from Year 4 was Sofia Peru who was one of the best pianists.First from Year 5 were a band of Lucy,Lara,Rukksika,Jessica and Katie performing We Will Rock You.

Then Abbie and Maya sang Blinding lights whilst playing the piano.

After that we had one of the best acts Tatenda singing This is me.

Last but not least Jayron played the piano.

After many brilliant acts we had to announce the winner. It was very hard but after a lot of discussion we chose the Year 5 band that played We Will Rock You. We presented them with a trophy and let them play their outstanding song one more time.

School Council 2022- 2023

 St Adrian’s Mayoral Visit

Today, we welcomed the Mayor of St Albans, Councillor Geoff Harrison and the Mace Bearer Mark to St Adrians. This was a result of the school council writing a letter inviting him to come and speak to us. The school council wanted to know more about local politics so that we might learn some tips which might help the school council be even more effective within our school.

The Mayor firstly gave an assembly to the whole school in the hall. During the assembly, he spoke about how many mayors there have been since the first mayor in 1553.  Councillor Harrison is in fact the 478th mayor of St Albans. The Mayor and the Mace Bearer then showed all of the children how the mayor and Mace bearer are formally dressed by dressing the Head Boy, Aidan as the Mayor and the Head Girl, Emily Jane as the Mace Bearer. We were told that the gold-plated mace dates back to King Charles II and has his initials on it: CR which are the initials of the new King Charles III: Charles Rex.

After the assembly, the school council met with the Mayor, Mrs Gallaher and Mrs Porter in the Macauley room. The school council had many questions for him about a range of issues such ‘does he ever have difficult days and what does he enjoy most about being mayor’. He told us that serving St Albans is a privilege and that being a councillor and on a school council is about volunteering and giving back to the community. 

It certainly has been a privilege to have the Mayor visit St Adrians and to learn from him and the Mace Bearer about how we can make a difference. The school council representatives in Year 5 gave the mayor letters from Year 5 which were written to him during their geography lessons when they were learning about Sustainability and ways we can use renewable sources of energy. The letters ask the Mayor to help St Albans to become a more sustainable city. The mayor was delighted to receive the letters as environmental issues are close to his heart. He said he would read the letters and look into what he can do to help. 

The event was a great success. The school council is now buzzing with ideas of how we can serve our school and help to improve it in so many ways.  Be sure to share your ideas with your school council rep and we will discuss the ideas in future meetings. 

We are your voice!

School Council 2020-21

Democracy at St Adrian’s


Agenda for next meeting

Thank you for electing us as your representatives.

What you can expect from us:

We are here to represent YOUR opinions not our own. We report back to you following each meeting.

You should feel that the school council belongs to you – not just us as representatives.

We can deal with lots of different issues, for example: learning, your classrooms and playgrounds, fundraising events.

In our first meeting we decided on our priorities for the year

Promoting equality, tolerance and inclusion in the school

Fundraising for key charities and equipment throughout the year

Celebrating different subjects through running competitions and curriculum days

British Values Assembly Resources

What is democracy

Democracy in action at St Adrian’s

Individual Liberty

Growth Mindset Assembly Resources

Growth Mindset: The Dot

British Values and Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset: Four Boosting Messages

Growth Mindset: Independent Learning