At St Adrian’s we teach mathematics through a maths mastery approach. We strive to develop a deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of maths for all pupils. By teaching children to master maths, they become mathematically fluent and are able to solve non-routine problems without having to memorise procedures.

Teachers identify the key learning for each class and plan to secure these.  Learning sequences are developmental and, depending on the concept, a good proportion of time will be spent securing key learning. Teachers use their judgement about when it is the right time to move on.  This approach enables the large majority of pupils to progress through the curriculum content at broadly the same pace.

Key documents

St Adrian’s Long Term Plan for Mathematics

Progression documents *under review – due September 2021*

Calculation documents

  • Calculation Policy – Place Value
  • Calculation Policy – Addition *under review*
  • Calculation Policy – Subtraction *under review*
  • Calculation Policy – Multiplication *under review*
  • Calculation Policy – Division *under review*

National Curriculum link

Our school Mathematics curriculum Map 

We use Maths — No Problem! textbooks and workbooks, which have been written to meet the requirements of the 2014 English national curriculum. The MNP Primary Series was assessed by the DfE’s expert panel, which judged that it met the core criteria for a high-quality textbook to support teaching for mastery.

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