Welcome to St Adrian’s Catholic Primary School

I have the honour of being appointed as the Headteacher of this wonderful school community. This school is a very happy place where the children have a real zest for life and thirst for knowledge. They are articulate, confident and polite and they love to engage in our exciting curriculum.

The staff and governors at St Adrian’s are committed to ensuring they take care of the children’s well-being and mental health as well as delivering an engaging, exciting, rounded curriculum that is tailored to our school. They ensure that each child is valued as unique and individual and they celebrate the children’s talents.

The school’s mission statement: ‘To learn, to love, to live as a community of God with Christ as our teacher,’ encapsulates the fundamental importance of our role as Catholic educators. Our Catholic school provides the opportunity for children to flourish academically, inspired by the spirit and teachings of Christ. All aspects of the curriculum must reflect the fact that Christ is the foundation of education in a Catholic school. Our vocation as Catholic leaders, is to prepare our young people for their life as a Christian in the community and enable them to serve as witnesses to the moral and spiritual values of the Christian tradition. At St Adrian’s, we do this with the essential collaboration and support of our school families and parish.

At St Adrian’s we seek to ensure that every child has access to the best quality of teaching, facilities and opportunities in order to equip them with the tools and skills for true human flourishing. We strive to not only prepare the children for the world today but also for the future.

The staff of St Adrian’s are called to build on the inheritance from the Sisters of Mercy of truth, peace and justice. With Christ’s teachings at the centre of all that we do, we are called to ensure that we are nurturing and educating our children to be missionary disciples for the 21st century and also global citizens. Our challenge is to form the leaders of tomorrow, wherever they may find themselves.

I strongly recommend a visit to our school to see how friendly our staff and children are and what a wonderful community it is. Please follow the link below to watch a video giving you a flavour of what St Adrian’s is like. 


Please also visit our admissions page which has a video about our early years environment. 

I am delighted to attach our Ofsted inspection report which took place in December 2022.  I am very proud of our great school! Please also follow the link for the Parentview survey.

Ofsted Report Section 8 – Dec 2022


I look forward to meeting you.

Mrs Aideen Porter