Reception – First week back!

Welcome everyone to Summer term!
I really hope that you’ve enjoyed your Easter holiday and are ready for another busy term. We have lots of exciting adventures planned and I am really looking forward to the wonderful learning in the coming weeks!
We began a new project this week, a sensory garden full of scented and colourful plants. In there you can smell different spices like rosemary and curry!

In Little Wandle this week we revisited everything learnt in Spring 2, therefore no new sentences/tricky words will be added to your childs orange book.
In your childs book bag you will find the new summer home learning grid. Please choose at least three of the activities and once ready, share them with us. We can’t wait to see them!!!

In Maths the children focused on the concept of 3-D shapes and their properties. We already explored some of the properties of these shapes earlier when sorting
objects that are 3-D, looking at 2-D shapes, however this week we were naming the 3-D shapes and discussed how we know that that a shape is 3-D, and not 2-D. We explored the idea of flat faces and curved surfaces in activities such as printing and rolling/sliding the shapes down a ramp. We also learnt how to see the 2-D shapes within the 3-D shapes.

The children also embedded their learning by going on a 3-D shape around the school! They found lots of cubes, cuboids and spheres, however the pyramids and cones were trickier to spot.

Pentecost – Good news. In this new theme the children will learn about the gift of the Holy Spirit and serving as a way of life. They will explore what we mean by Good news and know that everyone at times will have good news to share. They will appreciate their own good news, talk about how they feel when they have good news to share and celebrate the good news that they hear from other children and adults. These experiences will lay the foundation to help children understand the Good News that Christians celebrate at Easter – that Jesus is alive!
This week we read ‘The jolly postman’:

We discussed how it feels when we hear good news and then talked about good news we can share with each other. Have a look at some of the wonderful examples:

Dates to remember:
Friday 26th April – Reading morning
Friday 26th April (PM) – Litter picking

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Year Two are great at learning at home

Each term, the children are given a selection of activities to do at home that greatly enhance their learning across the curriculum. The children enjoy sharing this learning with their friends and it is often added to our displays for everyone to see. The Year 2 summer home learning grid has now been published on the Google Classroom and we are looking forward to seeing just how creative the children get this term, too.

Year 3: School trip to the Cathedral!

On Wednesday, we went to the Cathedral. We developed our map reading skills by using grid references to help us locate key objects in the Cathedral. Our favourite part of the day was making the clay tiles. We were inspired by the beauty of the Cathedral.

19th April 2024

Hope you had a great Easter. It has been a busy first week back.

In English we have been looking at non-fiction books.

In Maths we are learning to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Nursery – 19.04.2024

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

Some of the children shared with us on Tapestry the lovely things they did in the Easter holidays and it would be lovely if all the children could share some photos with us. If you haven’t done so already, please pop some holiday snaps onto Tapestry so the children can talk to us about what the did in the holidays.

This week and next we will be looking at the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Lots of the children already know this story but it is a lovely way to start summer term and we have waited what seems like a very four long days but finally the caterpillars arrived in class yesterday. We will watch and observe them over this half term and hopefully before we break up for May half term we will have 5 butterflies.

This week we played in the hungry caterpillar tray and acted out the story during yoga.

Our new home corner opened this week – Pizza Parlour. The children can now make and serve yummy pizzas in the kitchen.

Our new role play also opened today which the children enjoyed spending time in.

The children have enjoyed being back together this week.


The children will continue to go to the Library on Wednesday each week, the previous book needs to be returned before a new one can be taken out. The children will be now carrying their own book bag to the library this term therefore it would be helpful if the book bags only had their orange reading diary in them.

Important Dates

Bank Holiday, School closed – Monday 6th May

Half term – Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Taylor

St Albans Cathedral – Wednesday 17th April

We had a wonderful time at the cathedral on Wednesday. The children’s behaviour was excellent, they listened very well and really enjoyed the practical map reading activities, outdoors. They created some beautiful illuminated letters, each one different and individual.

Reception – Happy Easter!

What a week!
Looking after the chicks, preparing for Easter and welcoming families for Easter egg hunt.

Today was the last day having the chick, but luckily they are going to a loving home. Miss Osman will keep them all in her garden and will send us little updates on how they are doing! During the week we took them for a walk, cleaned the tank and gave them food and water.

Thank you so much for joining us today for a lovely Egg hunt and Easter basket craft. It was lovely seeing so many of you joining us for this special occasion!

The children looked absolutely amazing wearing their Easter bonnets!!!

I hope you all have an amazing Easter holiday!

Mrs Solakova

Easter “Chique” and farewell to Miss Cartwright

Year 4 enjoyed seeing the chicks who were only born one week ago but already have adult feathers coming in!

Everyone is sad to say good-bye to Miss Cartwright and wish her lots of luck in her new ventures

Easter Week

Thank you for the wonderful work on the Easter Gardens. They were wonderful to have in the class, albeit for a short time.

Happy Easter from Year 4

It’s been a short but packed week. We finished reading “Odd And The Frost Giant”, which we all loved. The children wrote some great writing in the adventure story genre and when asked what they’d learnt from this, said:

“I’ve learnt how to write similes.”

“how to use dialogue”

“how to tell a story from a different point of view- from the “baddy’s” point of view”

One technique to get children talking and sharing ideas is hot-seating and we enjoyed using strategy to get closer to the characters in the story this week:

The children also really enjoyed experimenting with “Chrome Music Lab”, a fantastic piece of software to write melodies with lots of different apps which the children can use at home, if they choose to.

It was lovely to see parents at both the assemblies this week – the Stations of the Cross on Tuesday and Easter celebration on Wednesday. Well done to the children who won prizes for their careful, beautiful artwork. All the entries were stunning.

We are all sad to say good-bye to Miss Cartwright. In year 4, she has been more than the PE teacher as she has listened to readers, accompanied us on trips and generally supported the children in the school day. We will really miss her, but wish her well as she starts her degree. She has a brilliant future ahead of her and many other children will benefit from her teaching.

The office will inform all parents the details of netball club after we return from the holiday.  It will start a few weeks into the summer term, with the start date and the day yet to be confirmed. When it does start any interested year 4s are very welcome to join. There are no more league games or tournaments now so the focus will be on playing together as a team and skill practice. I know that there are some very keen netball players which is fantastic there is a brilliant opportunity to build new, confident school team next year!

I hope you all have a lovely two-week break together, starting with celebrating the Good News of the Resurrection and then enjoying relaxing, seeing family,  going on holiday or whatever plans you have to have a good time. I look forward to seeing everyone in April. Happy Easter!