Nursery – Sports day and Good bye!

Dear Nursery, I can’t believe the time is gone so quickly. Well you know what they say – time flies when you are having fun. It’s been an amazing, fun, creative, exciting school year. It’s been a privilege and honour to have you all in my class. I want to thank each child for all the warmth, the memories and the learning that we have shared this school year.

To the parents, I say THANK YOU for allowing me to be your child’s class teacher. It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for me.

To my pupils, I say THANK YOU! For when I teach I also learn. This past year we have all grown together.
As you continue through life never forget to keep learning, keep having fun and smile. Always strive to be the best that you can be! I am so proud of you all!!!

Here are some pictures of our Sports Day. The children had a lot of fun exploring different activities like climbing frame, egg and spoon race, throwing and sack race. At the end we had a well deserved rest and an ice lolly:

Thank you for the wonderful gifts! Me, Mrs O’Connor and Mr Reid really appreciate your generosity and kindness! Thank you for your kind words and heartfelt wishes!

Please check your child’s Tapestry for more graduating photos!

Have an amazing summer!
All the best!
Mrs Solakova

News for Year 3 – Sports Day!

What a day we had! We really enjoyed Sports Day yesterday and made the most of the all activities organised for us. From rocket javelin to a quoit toss, we really embraced Sports Day this year, even if it was most unlike any usual Sports Day. Here are a few photos from the event:

Miss Battams 🙂

Reception Sports Day

Reception had a brilliant time participating in the school’s sports day on the field.  They ran relay races and a bean bag shopping game.  

Well done, Reception for learning how to run along a racing track and work as a team.  We had to take the photos quickly, you were so fast!

A well-deserved lolly was gratefully received to cool down and take a breath!  Thank you to the PTA for supplying the lollies.

Many thanks to parents for sending the children into school looking so smart and ready for action in their PE kits.

Mrs Palmer

News from Year 3

What a busy few weeks it has been in Year 3! From Holy Communions to mummification, we have packed a lot in. 

In History, we have been focusing on Ancient Egypt and the process of mummification. Did you know that the brains were removed from the body from a hook through the nose as it wasn’t seen as important to the Egyptians! We learnt more about the other stages of mummification and then acted out the process, all completed with wrapping each other in toilet roll!

In Science, we have enjoyed looking at plants and growing cress heads. We placed our cress heads in different places to see where they would grow best. We found that the cress heads grew best in the fridge, rather than in the cupboard under the sink!

We are also looking forward to our Sports Day today, even though it will be more like a sports hour. Please don’t forget to come to school in your PE kits to get that Sports Day feel!

Congratulations to all the children who have recently taken their first Holy Communions. Please feel free to bring in any photographs from the day for show and tell on Fridays.

Miss Battams and Ms McCarthy 🙂

Nursery – Oceans

Ahoy pirates! What a lovely week we’ve had in Nursery! We sailed the seas and the oceans dressed up as pirates, went under the water and swam with rainbow fish and did yoga with the octopus. I am sure you are excited to learn even more!

This week we’ve been reading the story ‘Rainbow fish’:

The rainbow fish left us a little note: ‘Dear children, I need your help. I haven’t been feeling well over the last few days and and now my scales (which are usually bright and colourful) have all turned white. Could you give me some new colourful scales?’. Of course the children were very helpful and gave her new colourful scales. Then they replied to Rainbow fish and posted the letters. And guess what… he came and visited us in Nursery.

In Letters and sounds we were blending and fishing at the same time… it was so much fun and the children loved the activity.

In Religious education we continued talking about the world and how we need to look after the world. We looked at a picture of a little Ethiopian girl collecting water. The children learned that one of the wonderful things we praise God for is water, precious gift from God and we need to use it well and not waste it. We talked about all the different ways we use water at home. Then we wrote a prayer, thanking God for the oceans, seas, animals, the day and the night.

Thank you God for bats, the moon…. stars….the lights twinkling,
Thank you for lights, for torches, so we can see in the dark,
Thank you God for the whole world… and the water…. for trees and tigers,
For animals and cows and mud and rivers to splash in,
Thank you for the sky and for the rainbow and kites,
Thank you for the clouds, thank you for the birds,
Dear God, thank you for the sea, thank you for the ocean and fish.


What a lovely prayer Nursery. Fantastic work!

Then we went on an adventure and sailed God’s oceans in a pirate ship. We had pirates building the ship, pirates decorating the flag even pirates on bikes:

In Maths we were arranging the numbers from 1 to 10 in the correct order and we counted 1 pirate, 2 compasses, 3 ships, 4 parrots… Great learning everyone!

This week after a long wait the vegetable garden was ready for harvesting. The children must be really proud of themselves, they did an amazing job looking after the vegetables. I really hope that you enjoyed the peas, onions and garlic.

Have a fun filled weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – God created the world and said: ”Indeed it is very good!”

Hello Nursery!
This week we talked about God’s wonderful world, how to keep it clean and look after it. We started the week reading the Creation story and making story map to help us remember what God did each day and how he rested on the last day. We watched a short video too and that led to interesting discussions about Adam and Eve, why is God resting on the 7th day and so much more:

Our creative table was busier then ever as we were making collages representing God’s world. God made the sea and God made the land and us… have a look yourself:

The children really enjoyed exploring the beach and the jungle and that linked well with the current topic.

In Letters and sounds we started to read simple words like ‘sit’, ‘pin’ etc and played really fun board game. Great reading nursery! You are little super stars!

We talked about different ways of keeping God’s world a good place for everyone and did a recycling activity. That also helped us to think about materials and their properties:

As usual we were very busy in the mornings doing our funky fingers activities. This week we counted, transferred water from one bowl to another using pipettes, cutting and name writing:

Relationship and health education:

Through an interactive story where children have to help Freddy Teddy stay safe in various situations, children explored different ways they can stay safe outside, inside and inside themselves too. All this is underpinned by the religious teaching that we are created and loved by God, with bodies and minds that He wants us to keep safe.
The children learned about safe and unsafe situation indoor and outdoor, including online and that they can ask for help from their special people.

Have a fun filled weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Foundation Stage Religious Education – Our World

Our new RE topic, from Monday, 21 June, until the end of term is ‘Our World’.

Core vocabulary:   world, wonder, wonderful, care, love, share, work/play together

The children will be learning that life is God’s gift. All that makes up life – people, the earth, places, things – are part of that gift.  They will explore following scripture – the Creation story:

Genesis 1-2: 

For some children, knowledge and experience of our world may only be their immediate surroundings eg. home/street etc.  We will, therefore, be exploring many aspects of the world to widen the children’s horizons.  They will learn that God made the world and everyone shares the world.

Our teaching will draw upon many CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) resources to help the children learn how to take care of God’s world and everyone who shares it. You may wish to browse the activities for families on their website:

In Reception, we will be preparing for our Class Assembly on Friday, 2 July.  The children will share songs, paintings and prayers that they have been learning during this topic.  

In Nursery, the children will be reading the Creation story and working on a group project of how God made the world. 

Both classes will also be exploring the concept of fair trade and how we can look after the world, for example, recycling and saving water.

Home learning

Invite your child to choose a small world figure and hold it.  Ask your child to think about our wonderful world when they next play with this item.

Read the Creation story from your child’s Bible.

Invite your child to show you how they can take responsibility and care for God’s world.  For example, putting items in the recycling bin, turning off light switches, saving water, picking up litter, caring for animals, looking after plants.  You may also wish to point out fair trade produce and the fair trade logo next time you are shopping.  

Lastly, here is our special class prayer which you may wish to share at home:

Dear God, 
You made our amazing world and all the amazing things in it. 
Thank you for making me and loving me. 
Help us to take care of ourselves and the world. 

As usual, we would love to see your child’s ideas and home learning in their Tapestry learning journal.

Mrs Palmer and Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Yummy Fruit!!!

What a lovely week we’ve had here at nursery! Delicious and healthy too! Full of stories, singing, dancing, creating and so much more!

The story of the week was ‘Handa’s surprise’ and everyone was surprised how surprised was Handa at the end of the story. Handa puts seven delicious fruit in a basket to take to her friend, Akeyo. But as she walks, carrying the basket on her head, various African animals steal her fruit. When she shares her basket with Akeyo, it’s Handa who gets the biggest surprise. The book really opened up great discussions about how people in Africa live, about friendships and surprises! Maybe you can have a go at home too:

During CIL the children explored different activities like cutting a fruit salad, making fruit with a scented playdough, painting a basket with real fruit….

Our water tray turned into a science station and the children were predicting if the fruit will flow or sink. They were super good explaining why do they think the apple will flow and banana sink… we talked about light and heavy! Great thinking nursery!

Our snack table was packed with delicious fruit too. Every day we tried different fruit from Handa’s basket, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, avocado, orange. Everyone’s favourite was definitely the mango! We might do some mango smoothies next week!

We enjoyed the lovely weather by having our PE lesson on the playing fields. We played lots of games, but the most popular one was the Washing machine one! We also practiced how to line up one behind the other.

This week the children spent an hour with Mrs. Palmer, exploring reception classroom. Mrs. Palmer was absolutely amazed how well behaved and polite the children were. Well done Nursery! You made me very proud!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and remember to check your child’s tapestry account on Sunday morning! There is a little surprise for someone special!!!

Mrs. Solakova

Year 2 Assembly

The children are very excited about sharing their assembly with you. The link can be found below. The assembly will go live at 9am and will then be taken down at 11am.

Year 3 RE learning – Special Places

This half term, we will be ofcusing on Special Places in our RE learning. For many people, some places in the world are special. For others the whole world is special. We all feel a need to look after what is special to us. Sometimes it is easy to explain why things are special. At other times it might be difficult to put into words why something is special.

Christians believe that the diversity of the world and its people is God’s gift. Jesus in his life and gospel, challenges people to appreciate diversity and to create with it a harmony that reflects the unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is reflected in the work of CAFOD.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

“God created the world to show forth and communicate his glory: that his creatures should share in his truth, goodness and beauty – this is the glory for which God created them.” (CCC319)

“The Church is the people that God gathers in the whole world.” (CCC752)

Word of God

“See, the body is one, even if formed by many members, but not all of them with the same function. The same with us; being many, we are one body in Christ, depending on one another. Let each one of us, therefore, serve according to our different gifts. Do you have prophecy? Let the deacon fulfil his office; let the teacher teach, the one who encourages, convince. You must, likewise, give with an open hand, preside with dedication, and be cheerful in your works of charity. Let love be sincere. Hate what is evil and hold to whatever is good. Regarding brotherly love, have love for one another. Regarding respect, judge others as more worthy. Regarding your duties, do not be lazy.

Be fervent in the Spirit and serve God.” (Romans 12:4-11)

Prayer and Reflection

Creator God,
in your hands you hold the depths of the earth 
and the heights of the mountains,
for all creation belongs to you.
Grant us grace to cherish your world 
and wisdom to nurture its resources.
Save us from the desire to control what is not ours 
and the impulse to possess what is not ours
and the impulse to possess what is there to share. 

(Annabel Shilson-Thomas/CAFOD)