Nursery – Happy Summer Holidays!

Dear parents,
a very big thank you for your generous gifts and kind words. I really appreciate it!
It’s been such a privilege teaching your children and seeing them grow and learn so many new things.
The truth is, that all of this wouldn’t happen without your continuous support.

Dear children,
thank you for all the warmth, the memories, and the learning that we have shared this school year!
In this past year we have grown all together and a little bit of each of you will always stay with me.
Always strive to be your best! Go forward and just be yourself, just perfect as you are!

Have a fabulous, sunny, adventurous summer!
Will see you all in September!

Mrs Solakova

A hot, happy end to year 3

It was a very short week this week! And a slow one, to accommodate the heat. The children were super-sensible, drinking lots and taking it easy. We hat “hot play” instead of “wet play”. The children enjoyed playing, amongst other things, chess and shut the box; using the listening post; drawing and chatting to friends and it was a relaxing end to the year. On Tuesday the children also enjoyed finishing off the left-over crisps and biscuits from the First Holy Communion party.

We all joined in wishing year 6 the very best of luck at their new schools. In three years time the current year 3 will be moving on, which seems hard to imagine just now. There’s a lot more learning and fun to be had at primary school before that.

I’d like to say a huge thank you for the very generous presents and the lovely, thoughtful cards from children and parents. I have had a fantastic term with year 3 and am delighted to move up into year 4 with them and to see them develop and learn more. I wish you all a very happy holiday wherever you go and whatever you do; and look forward to seeing you all in September

Thank you so much for the very thoughtful and generous gifts that I have been given to end the year. It has been a great privilege to teach all of your wonderful Year 2 children. They have shown themselves to be very hardworking and they are kind and caring friends to one another. The children are really ready for Year 3 and they will have a smashing time with Miss Osman. I wish you all a fun filled summer in which you will all be able to spend precious time together with family and friends.

News from Year 1 – school’s out for summer

It’s the summer holidays! What a hot, hot week it has been. We really enjoyed being a part of the Year 6 leaver’s assembly this week. We wish them luck in their new schools!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the kind gifts and cards. Teaching Year 1 has been an absolute pleasure. Have a well earned rest over the summer holidays.

Here’s a selection of our favourite photos from Year 1:

Miss Battams 🙂

News from Year 1 – sunshine and celebrations!

It’s been another busy week for Year 1, and the last full week too! There have been lots of celebrations this week, from choir performances to talent shows.

We started the week with a teddy bear’s picnic. It was lovely to spend some time all together as a Key Stage sharing stories and our teddies. We also got to watch the Year 6 production, which they had put lots of hard work into. Well done Year 6!

We were also treated to a lovely performance by our gymnasts, Rock Steady and choir groups. It was so lovely to also see their hard work paying off with such confident performances. Thank you for sharing them with us.

There will be no homework set this week. Yet there will be a letter and spellings to practice over the summer holidays. You will also have details about how to access to our fabulous new e-library too!

Enjoy the sunshine,

Miss Battams 🙂

Nursery – Teddy Bear’s picnic

Transition, friendly picnic and assemblies this week… what a mix… ! It has been a week full of bits and pieces as we begin to get ready for our new class.
All the children had to visit their new classroom and it sounds like they had a fantastic time.

We were also really pleased to watch St. Adrians got talent show, gymnastics and rock steady performances. We clapped and we cheered with the rest of the children. What a fun!

The picnic was great too. We prepared fruit kebabs and the reception children made some dips. Then we went out with our teddies to share the lovely food. We read a book about a Teddy lost in the park and then talked about our own teddies.

In RE we continued to talk about the World and this week we discussed what a Fare Trade means. The children learned a new song. Maybe you can sing the song with them too:

Thank you for bringing empty packets with the Fair Trade symbol on them. Next week we will open a very special Fair Trade shop.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Reception’s special activities

Gosh!! The past two weeks have been full of super exciting special activities. To begin, we showed off our sporting skills during the Foundation Stage Sports morning. It was great to see so many parents who were able to attend. Here are some photos if you were unable to come.

We also got stuck into our Sponsored Bounce. Thank you for all the generous donations.

We’ve watched many end of terms shows. These included a Cheerleader Display, Gymnastics Display, Rock Steady Musical Production and St. Adrian’s Got Talent competition.

This week, we held a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. We cut up our own vegetables, made special dips and brought our special teddies to share the picnic. Nursery kindly contributed fruit kebabs for all!

Finally, to thank God for our wonderful world, our thoughtful friends and all the exciting treats at school, we visited the prayer garden to say our own special prayer.

Thank you parents for all the generous gifts today!

Have a super weekend.

Nicola Palmer

Year 2 are a talented bunch!

It has been a very hot week, but the children have still continued to show what great learners they are. They started the week with a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the shade as temperatures were already reaching 30 degrees. The children revised their Design and Technology learning by making wraps and they enjoyed rereading the recipe instructions that they wrote during this topic to help them to make another delicious wrap.

Starting with a performance by the cheerleading club,, the children have celebrated their talents all week, finishing with a very successful talent show. Well done to all the Year 2 children who auditioned for this event. They really are a very talented bunch! Here are some photos that show what a wide range of opportunities the children have in the many school clubs available to the children here at St Adrian’s. There is a club to suit everyone’s interests!

The children have coped very well with the heat this week, but next week is set to be even hotter, so please do send your child in with at least one full drinks bottle. Why not send in a second bottle, filled with frozen water as this will be great for the children to enjoy later in the day.

Keeping cool in Year 4

The children have been fantastic this week – it’s been such a busy week with demonstration assemblies by our wrap-around clubs, a concert by Rock-Steady Music School, the Year 6 production, the amazing choir sharing their performance with so many of our class taking part and finally, our school talent show. All this, whilst coping with the sweltering conditions – the children have been amazing, treating each other with kindness and patience throoughout the week.

Next week is due to be even hotter and we will do all we can to make the end of term calm and cool. Please help by remembering to send your child in to school with plenty to drink.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe in the heat!

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

All the rehearsals finally paid off as the Year 6 children gave the performance of their lives, firstly to the school in their dress rehearsal but then to their parents on Wednesday evening.

There was a last minute stand in for the part of King John and he really stole the show.

The jokes made the audience laugh and the singing brought a tear to many of the parents’ eyes.

It was a truly memorable occasion.

Our thanks go to the parents for helping with the costumes, to Mr Hayes for the lighting and to Mr Greg Sallis for the sound and drama workshops.

Well done children- you were all Super-Stars!