History curriculum intent
At St Adrian’s, we strive to make history a curriculum full of curiosity and enquiry. Our intent is to provide pupils with opportunities that develop their love and passion of history, whilst developing their historical skills and knowledge. We aim to use resources which enable children to develop a deep understanding of historical events that have taken place. Teaching will equip pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, develop perspective and judgement and teach them that evidence may lead to different conclusions. They will be able to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change (comparing then and now), the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups (and the impacts they have had) , as well as their own identity and the challenges of our time.

Our school  History curriculum map:

Guy Fawkes with his thumbs upToys KS1 topic resources - powerpoints, activity and display pack ...Grace Darling Illustration - Twinkl
Year 1The Gunpowder PlotToysGrace Darling: Houses and homes
Why do people wear a red poppy? What is Poppy Day? Remembrance Day ...The History of Nursing PowerPoint KS1 (teacher made)The Great Fire of London - BBC Teach
Year 2War and RemembranceInfluential peopleGreat Fire of London
Mammoths in the snowThe Bronze Age Word Mat | History | KS2Ancient Egypt | History | KS2 | Melloo
Year 3The Stone AgeThe Bronze Age to the Iron AgeAncient Egypt
Ancient Greece | History | KS2Primary History KS2: The Romans - BBC Teach
Year 4Ancient GreeceAncient Greece continued/Roman BritainRoman Britain
Anglo Saxon Powerpoint Presentation history | Apple For The ...The Battle of BritainWorld War II Evacuation | Evacuated Children | DK Find Out
Year 5SaxonsBattle of BritainWW2
The Vikings display pack | Vikings ks2, Vikings, Middle ages historyUKS2 Maya Civilization - Primary ResourcesThe Victorians Pack - Resources for Teachers and Educators
Year 6VikingsMayaVictorians

The Key Stage 1 Learner

The Key Stage 2 Learner