Art curriculum intent

At St Adrian’s Primary School, we recognise the importance of Art and Design within our curriculum as it permits curiosity, creativity and self–expression to develop alongside resilience and confidence. We prioritise the development and progression of artistic skills, using the topics as a vehicle in which the children can gain confidence mastering each skill. In each year as the children move through the school, there is a clear progression of these skills, which build on prior learning.

Within our skill-based curriculum, the children are encouraged to become critical thinkers through making observations, and discussing ideas and plans for their own work. They have the opportunity to invent, create and express themselves using different mediums whilst also exploring artistic styles and taking inspiration from a wide range of art and artists, including those from different periods and cultures. Each pupil keeps their own sketchbook which is used as a space for the children to explore and develop their ideas through sketching as well as evaluating finished ideas.

Our school  Art curriculum map

Year 1Self PortraitsFabricateJoan Miro 
Year 2Colour Chaos
Paper art
Colour Chaos
Paper Art
Nature Sculptures
Year 3British ArtFruit and VegetablesAncient Egypt
Year 4Autumnal artBodiesInsects
Year 5Objects meaningNorth American
Year 6WildlifeSouth and Central American artSouth and Central American art

Progression in art skills at St Adrian’s

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