Nursery – Busy exploring!

Hello everyone!
It’s been another fun week and the children are now starting to get familiar with our class routine. They are gaining their confidence day after day and today bravely walked into the hall for Mass. They were super good lining up one behind the other while singing our special song:

One behind the other, one behind the other,
One behind the other makes a lovely line!

We have now extended our circle time routine, celebrating Magic moments, doing the register, thinking about the weather and counting how many children are in the classroom. We also started to do our morning exercise listening to different movement songs. Why don’t you have a go too:

Here is a little snapshot:

The children started to use our time table too. Using a visual cue with children can help them see what has just happened and what is coming next. It shows the children what they are doing in the morning and can reduce the likely hood of becoming anxious. This is how our time table looks like:

It was lovely seeing you all today during Mass. And… what a fabulous weather. We were very lucky!
Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Our first week!

What a wonderful week we have had. All of the children have now visited St. Adrian’s nursery and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with all of them. They all settled in really well and started to learn the routine, explore the classroom and get to know each other.

They were busy cooking, playing with the sand and water, drawing, painting, singing and reading stories. They were super brave saying good buy to mummy and daddy, confident and ready to find new friends.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know your children!

Things to remember:

Our Welcome meeting will take place on Wednesday morning at 9am. Looking forward seeing you all there.

RE Home Learning:

Please send your child into school with a family photo.  A photo which shows your child being cuddled would be great, although not essential.  We will be talking about how children feel safe and snug when they are with their family and relating this to God’s love for us all. 

Copies that do not need to be returned would be appreciated.  We plan to use the photos for a class displays. An electronic copy can be emailed to the School Office for printing at school if you prefer.

Photos are required by Thursday 23 September 2021.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Foundation Stage Religious Education: Myself – Family

Our new RE topic for the beginning of this term is:    Myself – Family.   This topic will be explored over the next four weeks.

Core Vocabulary:   myself, name, Christian, first name, family name, class name, precious, God, love, prayer

The topic fits nicely into our first few weeks in Reception or Nursery.  We will be learning to make friends and know everyone’s name through circle games and craft activities.  The children will also learn that we are all God’s children; God knows and loves each person by name.   


Isaiah 43 1:2

God says:

You are precious to me.
I love you.
I know your name.
I call you by your name.
You are my child.

Psalm 131

I trust you God. Just like a baby, safe and snug,
being carried in a mum’s arms. So I can rest in your love.
So gently held. So lovingly held.
So good to be in your care.
I will rest in your love for me.

Home Learning

Please send your child into school with a family photo.  A photo which shows your child being cuddled would be great, although not essential.  We will be talking about how children feel safe and snug when they are with their family and relating this to God’s love for us all. 

Copies that do not need to be returned would be appreciated.  We plan to use the photos for a class displays. An electronic copy can be emailed to the School Office for printing at school if you prefer.

Photos are required by Thursday 23 September 2021.

Relationships and Health Education (RHE)

At St. Adrian’s, RHE education links closely with our religious teaching. At the beginning of the Autumn term,  the children will learn that we are created and loved by God.  The aim of the teaching is to help children develop an understanding of the importance of valuing themselves as the basis for personal relationships.  They will learn about how God created the world and people, including our bodies, and aims to celebrate differences as well as individual gifts, talents and abilities.

Mrs Palmer and Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Sports day and Good bye!

Dear Nursery, I can’t believe the time is gone so quickly. Well you know what they say – time flies when you are having fun. It’s been an amazing, fun, creative, exciting school year. It’s been a privilege and honour to have you all in my class. I want to thank each child for all the warmth, the memories and the learning that we have shared this school year.

To the parents, I say THANK YOU for allowing me to be your child’s class teacher. It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for me.

To my pupils, I say THANK YOU! For when I teach I also learn. This past year we have all grown together.
As you continue through life never forget to keep learning, keep having fun and smile. Always strive to be the best that you can be! I am so proud of you all!!!

Here are some pictures of our Sports Day. The children had a lot of fun exploring different activities like climbing frame, egg and spoon race, throwing and sack race. At the end we had a well deserved rest and an ice lolly:

Thank you for the wonderful gifts! Me, Mrs O’Connor and Mr Reid really appreciate your generosity and kindness! Thank you for your kind words and heartfelt wishes!

Please check your child’s Tapestry for more graduating photos!

Have an amazing summer!
All the best!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Oceans

Ahoy pirates! What a lovely week we’ve had in Nursery! We sailed the seas and the oceans dressed up as pirates, went under the water and swam with rainbow fish and did yoga with the octopus. I am sure you are excited to learn even more!

This week we’ve been reading the story ‘Rainbow fish’:

The rainbow fish left us a little note: ‘Dear children, I need your help. I haven’t been feeling well over the last few days and and now my scales (which are usually bright and colourful) have all turned white. Could you give me some new colourful scales?’. Of course the children were very helpful and gave her new colourful scales. Then they replied to Rainbow fish and posted the letters. And guess what… he came and visited us in Nursery.

In Letters and sounds we were blending and fishing at the same time… it was so much fun and the children loved the activity.

In Religious education we continued talking about the world and how we need to look after the world. We looked at a picture of a little Ethiopian girl collecting water. The children learned that one of the wonderful things we praise God for is water, precious gift from God and we need to use it well and not waste it. We talked about all the different ways we use water at home. Then we wrote a prayer, thanking God for the oceans, seas, animals, the day and the night.

Thank you God for bats, the moon…. stars….the lights twinkling,
Thank you for lights, for torches, so we can see in the dark,
Thank you God for the whole world… and the water…. for trees and tigers,
For animals and cows and mud and rivers to splash in,
Thank you for the sky and for the rainbow and kites,
Thank you for the clouds, thank you for the birds,
Dear God, thank you for the sea, thank you for the ocean and fish.


What a lovely prayer Nursery. Fantastic work!

Then we went on an adventure and sailed God’s oceans in a pirate ship. We had pirates building the ship, pirates decorating the flag even pirates on bikes:

In Maths we were arranging the numbers from 1 to 10 in the correct order and we counted 1 pirate, 2 compasses, 3 ships, 4 parrots… Great learning everyone!

This week after a long wait the vegetable garden was ready for harvesting. The children must be really proud of themselves, they did an amazing job looking after the vegetables. I really hope that you enjoyed the peas, onions and garlic.

Have a fun filled weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – God created the world and said: ”Indeed it is very good!”

Hello Nursery!
This week we talked about God’s wonderful world, how to keep it clean and look after it. We started the week reading the Creation story and making story map to help us remember what God did each day and how he rested on the last day. We watched a short video too and that led to interesting discussions about Adam and Eve, why is God resting on the 7th day and so much more:

Our creative table was busier then ever as we were making collages representing God’s world. God made the sea and God made the land and us… have a look yourself:

The children really enjoyed exploring the beach and the jungle and that linked well with the current topic.

In Letters and sounds we started to read simple words like ‘sit’, ‘pin’ etc and played really fun board game. Great reading nursery! You are little super stars!

We talked about different ways of keeping God’s world a good place for everyone and did a recycling activity. That also helped us to think about materials and their properties:

As usual we were very busy in the mornings doing our funky fingers activities. This week we counted, transferred water from one bowl to another using pipettes, cutting and name writing:

Relationship and health education:

Through an interactive story where children have to help Freddy Teddy stay safe in various situations, children explored different ways they can stay safe outside, inside and inside themselves too. All this is underpinned by the religious teaching that we are created and loved by God, with bodies and minds that He wants us to keep safe.
The children learned about safe and unsafe situation indoor and outdoor, including online and that they can ask for help from their special people.

Have a fun filled weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Yummy Fruit!!!

What a lovely week we’ve had here at nursery! Delicious and healthy too! Full of stories, singing, dancing, creating and so much more!

The story of the week was ‘Handa’s surprise’ and everyone was surprised how surprised was Handa at the end of the story. Handa puts seven delicious fruit in a basket to take to her friend, Akeyo. But as she walks, carrying the basket on her head, various African animals steal her fruit. When she shares her basket with Akeyo, it’s Handa who gets the biggest surprise. The book really opened up great discussions about how people in Africa live, about friendships and surprises! Maybe you can have a go at home too:

During CIL the children explored different activities like cutting a fruit salad, making fruit with a scented playdough, painting a basket with real fruit….

Our water tray turned into a science station and the children were predicting if the fruit will flow or sink. They were super good explaining why do they think the apple will flow and banana sink… we talked about light and heavy! Great thinking nursery!

Our snack table was packed with delicious fruit too. Every day we tried different fruit from Handa’s basket, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, avocado, orange. Everyone’s favourite was definitely the mango! We might do some mango smoothies next week!

We enjoyed the lovely weather by having our PE lesson on the playing fields. We played lots of games, but the most popular one was the Washing machine one! We also practiced how to line up one behind the other.

This week the children spent an hour with Mrs. Palmer, exploring reception classroom. Mrs. Palmer was absolutely amazed how well behaved and polite the children were. Well done Nursery! You made me very proud!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and remember to check your child’s tapestry account on Sunday morning! There is a little surprise for someone special!!!

Mrs. Solakova

Nursery – I am the music man

Welcome back everyone! It’s been lovely to hear everyone’s holiday news. Lot’s of visits to the beach, camping, parks and picnics.

This week in nursery we experimented with different musical instruments and truly enjoyed tapping different rhythms, thinking how to play quietly and loudly and how to slow down and go faster. Each day the children performed different rhyme, experimenting with a variety of musical instruments.

On the art table we had lot’s of boxes, rubber bands, lids and so much more and learned how to make musical instruments. The children were challenged to think about different ways to attach boxes, mix colours and make their models even better. Fantastic work everyone!

We did a lot of exercise too. Our favourite song for the week was, of course ‘I am the music man’. Why don’t you have a go too:

The children were thinking about their favourite instruments and used full sentences to describe them:

I like the violin, because my sister has a violin at home!
I like the big bass drum, because it makes a loud sound!

Would you like an ice cream?

Our new role play area is Ice cream parlour and the children are super excited to prepare different flavours ice cream. We have a big selection: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and blueberry. We also have different toppings and chocolate flakes. Delicious!!! We are taking online bookings as well, so if you would like to visit give us a call…

As usual in the mornings we were busy with exciting funky fingers activities. This week we were hanging different patterned socks, we were building patterned towers, arranging numicons and working on our whoosh writing:

Outside we had some new equipment and the children really enjoyed playing netball. We also fed the guinea pigs with crunchy lettuce. We even played a feely game by walking bare feet. So much fun!

Religious education:

This week we held a friendly picnic on the playing fields and shared a bible story:

Everybody made his own sandwich and chose from a variety of healthy options: lettuce, tomatoes, cheese. Of course Jesus was invited too. We introduced him as a friend for children today. Children can talk to Jesus as their friend and they can tell him about all that is important too them.

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Amazing butterflies

The week began with a special celebration. Mrs O’Connor had a birthday and the children were very excited to wish her all the best. Happy birthday to Mrs O’Connor from all of us! Thank you for your dedication and kindness!

This week we had a lovely time with a favourite story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. This book is full of learning opportunities: counting, days of the week, healthy and unhealthy food, butterfly life cycle stages:

We’ve been retelling the story, gathering fruit and vegetables, pie and ice cream. The children were fantastic answering different questions:

What day did the caterpillar pop out of the egg?
How many plums did the caterpillar eat?
Did the caterpillar eat 5 strawberries?
How did the caterpillar feel after eating too much food?

The children had different opportunities in learning to play to think about the butterfly life cycle, the different foods he had, etc. They were painting, drawing, cutting, investigating and so much more:

Religious education:

This week we made a cake for Mary, Jesus’s mother. We celebrated her birthday with a super delicious chocolate cake and the children were amazing chefs. They mixed, measured, mashed and cut different ingredients. Everyone took part and it was so much fun.

Please take a moment to check your Tapestry account. We filmed our Talk for writing story and the children were fantastic remembering the different actions and words.

It has been an amazing half term!!! Thank you for your continued support!

Wish you all a very happy half term break!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – The Holy spirit comes

What a week!
We began the week with a new sound ‘o’ and then were busy thinking about different things beginning with that sound. As usual the children had so much to say and did fantastic sound hunt around the classroom. Here is the song that helped us remember the sound better:

In Letters and Sounds we also practiced blending CVC words using aliens sound mats. Great work everyone.

In Maths we were thinking about positional language and took different farm animals for a little walk around the classroom. They had to go under the table, on the chair, next to the door.

In CIL we’ve been thinking about numbers on the playdough station too. In our sand tray we had some small shells and numicons and the children were counting the correct amount of shells.

This week the children enjoyed a lovely story: ‘What the ladybird heard’. Here is a link if you want to have a go too:

One of the games we enjoyed playing on the carpet was Chinese whispers. We pretended to be the ladybird and whispered into each others ears a cunning plan!!! We also ‘went’ to the farm and explored different farm animals. There was one ladybird there too :).

Again this week we’ve been working very hard to straighten our funky fingers. We had bolts and nuts, sorting pie with tweezers and making a straw model:

Relationship and health education:

This week we’ve been talking about friends and we made a friendship soup. The ingredients we’ve put inside were smile, hug, wave, cuddle, share, play, invite… and that is everything needed for a good friendship. Then we said a special friendship prayer, thanking Jesus for our friends:

Friends can play and friends can share
Friends are kind and friends are fair
Friends will surely talk to you
When you’re feeling sad and blue
Friends are big and friends are small
But good friends are best of all!

Thank you Jesus for my friends!

Religious education:

We had so much fun celebrating the arrival of the Holy spirit. We played with streamers, bubbles and balloons, had a lovely red snack and made Happy birthday Church cards.

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Solakova