Nursery – Happy Summer Holidays!

Dear parents,
a very big thank you for your generous gifts and kind words. I really appreciate it!
It’s been such a privilege teaching your children and seeing them grow and learn so many new things.
The truth is, that all of this wouldn’t happen without your continuous support.

Dear children,
thank you for all the warmth, the memories, and the learning that we have shared this school year!
In this past year we have grown all together and a little bit of each of you will always stay with me.
Always strive to be your best! Go forward and just be yourself, just perfect as you are!

Have a fabulous, sunny, adventurous summer!
Will see you all in September!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Teddy Bear’s picnic

Transition, friendly picnic and assemblies this week… what a mix… ! It has been a week full of bits and pieces as we begin to get ready for our new class.
All the children had to visit their new classroom and it sounds like they had a fantastic time.

We were also really pleased to watch St. Adrians got talent show, gymnastics and rock steady performances. We clapped and we cheered with the rest of the children. What a fun!

The picnic was great too. We prepared fruit kebabs and the reception children made some dips. Then we went out with our teddies to share the lovely food. We read a book about a Teddy lost in the park and then talked about our own teddies.

In RE we continued to talk about the World and this week we discussed what a Fare Trade means. The children learned a new song. Maybe you can sing the song with them too:

Thank you for bringing empty packets with the Fair Trade symbol on them. Next week we will open a very special Fair Trade shop.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – A very sporty week!

What a brilliant week we’ve had. With so many different activities, new experiences and great learning.
On Tuesday the children enjoyed their very first Sports day, showing fantastic skills, never giving up and keep on trying. Great job everyone! Of course we all had an ice lolly at the end!!!

Wednesday was very, very sporty too as we were jumping and skipping, and building, and climbing. It was so much fun and I think this event will always be remembered 🙂

In RE this week we continued our talks about God’s wonderful world. We discussed how to take care of God’s world and the children took part in a recycling activity.

It was lovely to see all the children talking about the importance of recycling and giving lot’s of ideas on how to help recycle.

Creator God,
in your hands you hold the depths of the earth
and the heights of the mountains,
for all creation belongs to you.
Grant us grace to cherish your world
and wisdom to nurture its resources.
Save us from the desire to control what is not ours
and the impulse to possess what is not ours
and the impulse to possess what is there to share.


Things to remember: Teddy Bear’s picnic on Monday! Please bring a teddy to school!

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Open Evening

Everyone is welcome! Whether you are the parent of one of our lovely children, or you are thinking of sending your child to our wonderful school, come along to celebrate all of the learning that has taken place this year, meet the teachers and visit the classrooms.

Wednesday, 6th July 2022 from 4pm until 6pm.

Foundation Stage Religious Education: Our World

  Our new RE topic until the end of term is ‘Our World’.

Core vocabulary:   world, wonder, wonderful, care, love, share, work/play together

The children will be learning that life is God’s gift. All that makes up life – people, the earth, places, things – are part of that gift.  They will explore following scripture – the creation story:

Genesis 1: 

For some children, knowledge and experience of our world may only be their immediate surroundings eg. home/street etc.  We will, therefore, be exploring many aspects of the world to widen the children’s horizons.  They will learn that God made the world and everyone shares the world.

Our teaching will draw upon many CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) resources to help the children learn how to take care of God’s world and everyone who shares it. You may wish to browse the activities for families on their website:

In Reception we have started learning the following song to the tune of ‘Frere Jacques’:

God created, God created
day and night, day and night!
That was on the first day, that was on the first day
it was good, it was good!

God created, God created
Sky and sea, sky and sea!
That was on the second day, that was on the first day
it was good, it was good!

God created, God created
land and plants, land and plants!
That was on the third day, that was on the third day
it was good, it was good!

God created, God created
Sun, moon and stars, sun moon and starts!
That was on the fourth day, that was on the fourth day
it was good, it was good!

God created, God created
fish and birds, fish and birds!
That was on the fifth day, that was on the fifth day
it was good, it was good!

God created, God created
Animals and us, animals and us!
That was on the sixth day, that was on the sixth day
it was good, it was good!

Then God rested, Then God rested
from His work, from His work!
That was on the seventh day, that was on the seventh day
All was good, all was good!

In Nursery, the children will be reading the Creation story and participating in a group project of how God made the world. 

Both classes will also be exploring the concept of fair trade and how we can look after the world, for example, recycling and saving water.

Home learning

Invite your child to choose a small world figure and hold it.  Ask your child to think about our wonderful world when they next play with this item.

Read the Creation Story from your child’s Bible.

Invite your child to show you how they can show responsibility and take care of God’s world.  For example, putting items in the recycling bin, turning off light switches, saving water, picking up litter, caring for animals, looking after plants.  You may also wish to point out fair trade produce and the fair trade logo next time you are shopping.  

Lastly, you may wish to share this special class prayer at home:

Dear God, 
You made our amazing world and all the amazing things in it. 
Thank you for making me and loving me. 
Help us to take care of ourselves and the world. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Solakova and Mrs Palmer

Nursery – Judaism


This week the children took part in a special  Shabbat meal. Mrs Ruffell was very kind to come to our classroom and tell us lots of interesting facts about Jewish people, how they celebrate, what’s their favourite food, what kind of clothes they wear. She brought lots of artefacts, including Menorah and Kippah. The children were very excited, so the day before they baked a special Challah bread. We had to follow a recipe step by step. To our surprise, the bread was super, super delicious!!!

And some photos from Mrs Ruffell visit…

In Maths this week we talked about shapes and their properties. We learnt that some shapes have sides and corners, and some have none. We went on a learning walk around the school to find as many familiar shapes, as we can. And then we applied our knowledge in making some ice creams. We used triangle shape for the cone and circles for the ice cream.

Understanding of the world
We are so happy to see all our vegetables growing bigger and bigger, and even picked the first few strawberries. The beans are now covered in flowers and the tomatoes are nearly ready… Our sunflower grew 5 cm over the last week… you may wonder how we know…. well we are keeping a special diary!

This week we also went to the beach and talked about summer holidays and family time.

And what is a summer holiday without an ice cream. Our kitchen turned into a very popular Ice cream parlour, with a good selection of different ice cream flavours. We had blueberry, vanilla, strawberry and everyone’s favourite chocolate flavour. We were busy counting the scoops, choosing toppings, and taking orders.

Have a faboulous weekend… and don’t forget the summer fair tomorrow!!!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Fruits and Vegetables


What a healthy week we’ve had. Talked about the importance of eating a well balanced diet, read Handa’s surprise and finished the week with a fantastic Father’s day assembly.

Handa decides to take seven pieces of delicious fruit to her friend, Akeyo, who lives in the neighbouring village. But as Akeyo muses, I wonder what fruit Akeyo will like best?, a series of sneaky animals steal something from Handa’s basket, which she’s carrying on her head…

Handa and her friend Akeyo inspired us so much, so we’ve been trying a different fruit from Handa’s basket each day. Overall our favourite was the juicy mango!!!

The children were absolutely amazed by the story and we read it again and again…. We tried to remember which animal took which fruit…. and what a better way to retell the story than role playing it.

Our Funky Fingers were very fruity too… we’ve been cutting fruits to go in a basket and also made a fruity pie by sorting different fruits by colour, kind and shape. Have a look:

On our messy table we’ve been grating carrots and squeezing lemons. So much fun and great way to strengthen muscles….

Welcome to the shop!!!! Who wants to buy some fresh fruit and veg? You can choose between carrots, potatoes, cabbages, coconut and oranges. What would you like?

Our PE lesson was full of fun too. To warm up we played duck, duck, goose… ups what I mean is banana, banana, apple :). And then we had a fantastic shopping race.

In Maths we talked about 1 less. We played a counting game using a basket and some oranges and the children were counting the total. Then a zebra came and took one orange…. I wonder how many pieces of fruit are now left in the basket.

And what a lovely finish to a lovely week! A BIG thank you to all the daddies for coming to our very first father’s day assembly. The children did so, so well remembering the words and actions. Big clap for you Nursery!

My daddy is so special,
He is brave and strong and smart.
That is why I love him so,
With all my little heart! 

Happy Father’s day!!!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – No more waiting!


We have begun our last term with a fantastic party. Our first Pentecost Party!

Pentecost is often named as ‘the birthday of the Church’.   The coming of the Holy Spirit can be difficult for young children to understand.  We used images such as air, wind and fire to help us explain the power of the Holy Spirit.  The effects of these elements are what we want the children to explore and thereby deepen their understanding. 

The children were busy practising a lovely song and I think that they did absolutely brilliantly. Here is a link if you want to have a go too:

We made some sandwiches and decorated the room beautifully… and let me tell you something, everyone was helping. Good job, Nursery!

After singing and sharing everything we know about The Holy Spirit, we had some delicious food. And now is the time to say THANK YOU for your generosity. The table looked amazing!!!

And finally we went outside to ‘feel’ The Holy Spirit by blowing bubbles, dancing with fiery pom poms, and playing with the windmills.

Thank you everyone for coming to our party and supporting us in our learning. It was a great pleasure having you all!

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – A very royal week…


What a royal week we’ve had, with lot’s of preparations and celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
Unfortunately the Queen couldn’t join us…. we all know that she is a very busy lady! But that did not stop us from having fun!
At the beginning of the week we learned some very interesting facts about the Queen:
– The Queen has 2 birthdays!
– She has 9 thrones!
– Corgis are her favourite dogs!
– She sends telegraphs to congratulate people who reach the age of 100!

We were so busy creating a beautiful display for the hall. We made an amazing Union Jack and with the help of Reception we finished the board on time. We all think that it looks simply spectacular:

Our role play turned into an amazing Royal tea party arena. We were dressing up as Queens and Kings, serving cakes and sandwiches, writing Royal messages. Have a look:

In Maths we talked about sequencing. What a better way to understand it than making some real royal sandwiches. Then, of course we had them for snack, just like the Queen will do… oh, I nearly forgot to mention that there were cupcakes and strawberries too!

In Letters and Sounds we continued to learn how to blend and segment orally… and this week we had a very special visitor, a very hungry visitor… The hungry robot. He can not speak like us, but instead he will use his robot voice. So he will tell us what he wants to eat only with his robot voice. Our job was to blend the sounds, make them into words and feed him.

Our Funky Fingers were very royal too… we were decorating crowns with real gems!

And what a lovely, festive Friday we all had. The children looked fabulous in their special outfits. We made special Jubilee medals and everybody left with a balloon and Haribo!

Thank you so much for your continued support. Wish you all a fantastic half term week!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Spiders


What a lovely Mr Skinny legs week we’ve had. With so many things to learn, explore and do.
We’ve been reading the book Arrrgh spider! and that story really made us think what it means to be different, unusual. We talked a lot about being kind and friendly and doing the right choices. We also talked about keep on trying…. because this is exactly what our little friend, the spider, did. He was keep on trying and one day he finally became someone’s pet.

On our art table we were making shiny spider webs just like the ones from the book. We used runny glue and glitter. They are so, so shiny and very pretty.

Our messy tray was super messy :). We cooked some spaghetti for webs and made home for lots of tiny spiders. So much fun catching them with the tongs.

We even conducted a little experiment!
Why doesn’t a spider get stuck on its own web? First we went out to test how sticky a spider web is. And we discovered that the spider webs are extremely sticky and very hard to remove from your fingers. While looking for webs we also find a real spider and some of the children were brave enough to hold him…

Then we went back inside and did the experiment. We had some sticky tape on the floor and the children had to ‘walk’ their fingers across the tape. They all agreed that that tape was super sticky, just like a spider web.
Our next step was to put some oil on our fingers and see if the tape will be sticky again. Well, this time it wasn’t! This is how we find out that the spider produces it’s own oil to stop it sticking to things.

In Letters and Sounds we continued blending and segmenting orally. This week we invited a friend. His name is Ben and he is a robot. He can only speak with his robot voice. So, for example, he couldn’t say moon, but M-OO-N. Our job was to understand what he is saying and blend the sounds into words. While doing that we made a spider web for our friend… Incy Wincy 🙂

In Music we’ve been singing a favourite rhyme Incy Wincy Spider. Incy Wincy was going up and down the water spout many, many times.

Our Funky Fingers in the morning were super engaging too. The children had to count and put the correct amount of legs on each spider. Great counting Nursery!!!

And finally a very important update from the Three bears cottage!!! Goldilocks promised to be a very good girl and to never go into other people’s houses. She wrote a letter to the Three bears, promising to fix the little bear’s chair and buy some more porridge for everyone.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Solakova