Foundation Stage Religious Education – Our World

Our new RE topic, from Monday, 21 June, until the end of term is ‘Our World’.

Core vocabulary:   world, wonder, wonderful, care, love, share, work/play together

The children will be learning that life is God’s gift. All that makes up life – people, the earth, places, things – are part of that gift.  They will explore following scripture – the Creation story:

Genesis 1-2: 

For some children, knowledge and experience of our world may only be their immediate surroundings eg. home/street etc.  We will, therefore, be exploring many aspects of the world to widen the children’s horizons.  They will learn that God made the world and everyone shares the world.

Our teaching will draw upon many CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) resources to help the children learn how to take care of God’s world and everyone who shares it. You may wish to browse the activities for families on their website:

In Reception, we will be preparing for our Class Assembly on Friday, 2 July.  The children will share songs, paintings and prayers that they have been learning during this topic.  

In Nursery, the children will be reading the Creation story and working on a group project of how God made the world. 

Both classes will also be exploring the concept of fair trade and how we can look after the world, for example, recycling and saving water.

Home learning

Invite your child to choose a small world figure and hold it.  Ask your child to think about our wonderful world when they next play with this item.

Read the Creation story from your child’s Bible.

Invite your child to show you how they can take responsibility and care for God’s world.  For example, putting items in the recycling bin, turning off light switches, saving water, picking up litter, caring for animals, looking after plants.  You may also wish to point out fair trade produce and the fair trade logo next time you are shopping.  

Lastly, here is our special class prayer which you may wish to share at home:

Dear God, 
You made our amazing world and all the amazing things in it. 
Thank you for making me and loving me. 
Help us to take care of ourselves and the world. 

As usual, we would love to see your child’s ideas and home learning in their Tapestry learning journal.

Mrs Palmer and Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Yummy Fruit!!!

What a lovely week we’ve had here at nursery! Delicious and healthy too! Full of stories, singing, dancing, creating and so much more!

The story of the week was ‘Handa’s surprise’ and everyone was surprised how surprised was Handa at the end of the story. Handa puts seven delicious fruit in a basket to take to her friend, Akeyo. But as she walks, carrying the basket on her head, various African animals steal her fruit. When she shares her basket with Akeyo, it’s Handa who gets the biggest surprise. The book really opened up great discussions about how people in Africa live, about friendships and surprises! Maybe you can have a go at home too:

During CIL the children explored different activities like cutting a fruit salad, making fruit with a scented playdough, painting a basket with real fruit….

Our water tray turned into a science station and the children were predicting if the fruit will flow or sink. They were super good explaining why do they think the apple will flow and banana sink… we talked about light and heavy! Great thinking nursery!

Our snack table was packed with delicious fruit too. Every day we tried different fruit from Handa’s basket, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, avocado, orange. Everyone’s favourite was definitely the mango! We might do some mango smoothies next week!

We enjoyed the lovely weather by having our PE lesson on the playing fields. We played lots of games, but the most popular one was the Washing machine one! We also practiced how to line up one behind the other.

This week the children spent an hour with Mrs. Palmer, exploring reception classroom. Mrs. Palmer was absolutely amazed how well behaved and polite the children were. Well done Nursery! You made me very proud!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and remember to check your child’s tapestry account on Sunday morning! There is a little surprise for someone special!!!

Mrs. Solakova

Nursery – I am the music man

Welcome back everyone! It’s been lovely to hear everyone’s holiday news. Lot’s of visits to the beach, camping, parks and picnics.

This week in nursery we experimented with different musical instruments and truly enjoyed tapping different rhythms, thinking how to play quietly and loudly and how to slow down and go faster. Each day the children performed different rhyme, experimenting with a variety of musical instruments.

On the art table we had lot’s of boxes, rubber bands, lids and so much more and learned how to make musical instruments. The children were challenged to think about different ways to attach boxes, mix colours and make their models even better. Fantastic work everyone!

We did a lot of exercise too. Our favourite song for the week was, of course ‘I am the music man’. Why don’t you have a go too:

The children were thinking about their favourite instruments and used full sentences to describe them:

I like the violin, because my sister has a violin at home!
I like the big bass drum, because it makes a loud sound!

Would you like an ice cream?

Our new role play area is Ice cream parlour and the children are super excited to prepare different flavours ice cream. We have a big selection: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and blueberry. We also have different toppings and chocolate flakes. Delicious!!! We are taking online bookings as well, so if you would like to visit give us a call…

As usual in the mornings we were busy with exciting funky fingers activities. This week we were hanging different patterned socks, we were building patterned towers, arranging numicons and working on our whoosh writing:

Outside we had some new equipment and the children really enjoyed playing netball. We also fed the guinea pigs with crunchy lettuce. We even played a feely game by walking bare feet. So much fun!

Religious education:

This week we held a friendly picnic on the playing fields and shared a bible story:

Everybody made his own sandwich and chose from a variety of healthy options: lettuce, tomatoes, cheese. Of course Jesus was invited too. We introduced him as a friend for children today. Children can talk to Jesus as their friend and they can tell him about all that is important too them.

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Amazing butterflies

The week began with a special celebration. Mrs O’Connor had a birthday and the children were very excited to wish her all the best. Happy birthday to Mrs O’Connor from all of us! Thank you for your dedication and kindness!

This week we had a lovely time with a favourite story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. This book is full of learning opportunities: counting, days of the week, healthy and unhealthy food, butterfly life cycle stages:

We’ve been retelling the story, gathering fruit and vegetables, pie and ice cream. The children were fantastic answering different questions:

What day did the caterpillar pop out of the egg?
How many plums did the caterpillar eat?
Did the caterpillar eat 5 strawberries?
How did the caterpillar feel after eating too much food?

The children had different opportunities in learning to play to think about the butterfly life cycle, the different foods he had, etc. They were painting, drawing, cutting, investigating and so much more:

Religious education:

This week we made a cake for Mary, Jesus’s mother. We celebrated her birthday with a super delicious chocolate cake and the children were amazing chefs. They mixed, measured, mashed and cut different ingredients. Everyone took part and it was so much fun.

Please take a moment to check your Tapestry account. We filmed our Talk for writing story and the children were fantastic remembering the different actions and words.

It has been an amazing half term!!! Thank you for your continued support!

Wish you all a very happy half term break!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – The Holy spirit comes

What a week!
We began the week with a new sound ‘o’ and then were busy thinking about different things beginning with that sound. As usual the children had so much to say and did fantastic sound hunt around the classroom. Here is the song that helped us remember the sound better:

In Letters and Sounds we also practiced blending CVC words using aliens sound mats. Great work everyone.

In Maths we were thinking about positional language and took different farm animals for a little walk around the classroom. They had to go under the table, on the chair, next to the door.

In CIL we’ve been thinking about numbers on the playdough station too. In our sand tray we had some small shells and numicons and the children were counting the correct amount of shells.

This week the children enjoyed a lovely story: ‘What the ladybird heard’. Here is a link if you want to have a go too:

One of the games we enjoyed playing on the carpet was Chinese whispers. We pretended to be the ladybird and whispered into each others ears a cunning plan!!! We also ‘went’ to the farm and explored different farm animals. There was one ladybird there too :).

Again this week we’ve been working very hard to straighten our funky fingers. We had bolts and nuts, sorting pie with tweezers and making a straw model:

Relationship and health education:

This week we’ve been talking about friends and we made a friendship soup. The ingredients we’ve put inside were smile, hug, wave, cuddle, share, play, invite… and that is everything needed for a good friendship. Then we said a special friendship prayer, thanking Jesus for our friends:

Friends can play and friends can share
Friends are kind and friends are fair
Friends will surely talk to you
When you’re feeling sad and blue
Friends are big and friends are small
But good friends are best of all!

Thank you Jesus for my friends!

Religious education:

We had so much fun celebrating the arrival of the Holy spirit. We played with streamers, bubbles and balloons, had a lovely red snack and made Happy birthday Church cards.

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Aaaarrgh spider! – Nursery

This week we have been learning through the story of ‘Aaaaarrgh spider!’. This is a story about a spider who wants to be a family pet. But the family whose house he lives in are terrified of him. Whenever he tries to show them what a great pet he would make they simply cry ‘Aaaaarrgh spider!’. Here is the story if you want to have a go too:

In funky fingers we counted spider legs and also practiced cutting and sticking spiders on the web. The children are using the scissors so confidently and now can cut round shapes too. Well done!

Our art table was so busy… the children were creating lovely spider webs using runny glue and glitter, just like in the story!

Exciting news!!! We have a spider pet too! The children had a spider hunt around the classroom… and there he is, our spider pet. We named him Mr Skinny legs!

In Maths this week we’ve been thinking about numbers and played the ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ game. The children were pretending to be the spiders going up and down the water spout jumping and counting the correct numbers. Our playdough table was another mini maths station as we were counting 8 legs and 2 eyes for our amazing spiders.

Religious education:

This week we began a new topic – Reconciliation. Our key question is: ‘Is it good to have friends?’. The children were very excited to take part in a spider web activity when we made the friendship web thinking about our friends and what makes a good friend. We were also busy adding friendship marbles into our friendship cups….

Mufti day:

Thank you very much for your generous donations today!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – St. Joseph’s day

How wonderful it was to hear the children talking about the places they’ve been during the bank holiday weekend. Lot’s of visits to the farm, meet ups with friends in the park and even going to Legoland.

In Maths this week we tried to match different numerals to quantity. We’ve been counting natural objects like conkers, shells and rocks. The children were super good thinking about the numbers and their value. They worked in pairs and it was lovely to see how they talked to each other, discussing strategies.

Letters and sounds:

In Letters and sounds we were busy blending different sounds together, making words. We also learned a new sound ‘C’ and we talked about things beginning with ‘c’. In our ‘Who’ box we had a car, a carrot, a conker. Of course we had some castanets to help us hear the ‘c,c,c ‘ sound even better.

We played a lot of games outside. Blowing bubbles while thinking about the Holy Spirit, playing netball, dancing with umbrellas under the rain and playing hide and seek. Great fun!

Relationship and Health education:

This week we’ve been learning to identify special people (parents, friends) and what makes them special. The importance of being close to and trusting of ‘special people’ and telling them if something is troubling us.
We had a look at our special family photos and then drew a family tree.

St. Joseph’s day

We finished the week with a special RE day, dedicated to St. Joseph. To be able to fully understand who St Joseph was we had a special workshop where we could use hammers, real wood and screws just like Joseph many, many years ago. Some of the children came in dressed as Joseph and Mary.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Oi Frog!

Ribbit, ribbit! What a froggy week we’ve had! The color was green and we jumped around just like real frogs do. We watched how the tadpoles are turning into frogs and counted frogs in the pond.

The book we’ve been reading this week is called ‘Oi Frog’. It’s a book jam packed with the silliest of animals and rhyming words: cats sits on mats, hairs sit on chairs, mules sit on stools… Here is a link if you wish to hear the story too:

The children were making frogs using split end pins…I must tell you that this was a very tricky job, but we didn’t give up. We were keep trying! Of course we had to paint some ponds for the frogs, using sponges and blue paint.

We learned a new nursery rhyme ‘5 speckled frogs’. It was great fun, because we could rhyme, count, sing and jump at the same time.

In Maths this week we’ve been practicing recognising 1 to 5 numerals and learned that anything can be count…even jumps. Each ‘frog’ had to reach the lily pad by jumping 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times. Great fun!!!

Letters and sounds:
This week we’ve been thinking about initial sounds and the children were busy sorting ‘s’ and ‘a’ sounds. What a fantastic learning everyone. You are now trying really hard to ‘hear’ the initial sounds in each word. Great job!

Religious education:
On Wednesday the Holy Spirit came to Nursery as we heard the story of Pentacost, when the Holy Spirit first came to Jesus’s disciples. We did a wind and fire dance as we thought about how we can feel the Holy Spirit inside us, but we can’t see him.

The Holy Spirit first comes to us when we are Baptised.
The Holy Spirit is our friend and helps us make good choices.

I wish you all a very happy bank holiday weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Nursery rhymes

Here at Nursery we absolutely love singing Nursery rhymes. They help us develop key skills and can often be the trigger for hours of creative and open-ended play. They are powerful learning source in early literacy and enable children to become interested in the rhythm and patterns of language. They help us think about numbers, shapes and so much more.

This week was super exciting, because we had a variety of activities around different Nursery rhymes.

In Maths we sang ‘5 green bottles’ and had 5 bottles on top of the shelf. We talked about one less and one more and had a little challenge… arranging the numbers in the right order.

Our playdough table had 5 cupcakes with cherry on top and the children were singing the rhyme while cooking the yummy cupcakes.

We were so busy sticking, cutting, painting and creating and now the Nursery rhymes display looks absolutely amazing.

Letters and Sounds:

This week we revisited the sounds we already learned (S,A,T,P,I,N) and started to blend some CVC words. The children are just fantastic hearing the different sounds and securing their blending skills.

Our role play area is busier than ever… this term the children will enjoy buying and selling different food. We have manager, customers, counter worker… We have paper bags, receipts and customer orders. So much fun and plenty of learning possibilities.

Outside we measured how tall the peas and onions are and recorded them in our journal. We used rulers and practiced number writing.

Relationship and Health education:

This week we talked about Jesus and him being our Role model. We learnt that the Bible isn’t a story book or history book, but a book about all of us. We discussed how our names are in this book, because we are all part of the family of God and the Bible is all about Jesus and his family. We had our special pictures and everyone joined our special Nursery family.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!
Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Welcome back!

It’s been lovely to see everyone’s smiley faces again. The children were super excited to share their holiday news… egg hunt, hundreds of chocolate eggs and one Easter bunny selfie :). Picnics and meeting at the park were also a hit during the Easter break.

There was no time to waste, so we started our learning straight away! As usual the children were ready to learn, full of excitement.

In the mornings we were busy practicing our fine motor skills. We were mixing colors with pipettes, counting and linking camels, writing our names and making patterns using 3D shapes.

This week we enjoyed the sunshine outside while playing on the playground. We did a little bit of gardening and we were pleased to see that the vegetables are growing!!! The peas and onions are doing really well…. potatoes are shooting as well. We took a good care of them by watering them. The sunflowers are also now planted. Thank you for looking after them during the holidays.

We went on a camping by train… We even created an obstacle course.

Letters and Sounds:

This week we learned a new sound ‘n’. We sang the song and looked around the classroom for objects beginning with that sound. We also sorted different objects into 2 baskets, the ‘a’ basket and the ‘n’ basket.

Religious Education:

This week we talked about ‘What is a good news?’. The children learned about the Good News of Easter for the friends of Jesus and that God his Father gave Jesus new life on Easter Sunday.   The children shared their personal experiences and how they feel when they receive good news.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Solakova