Year Two scientists

This week, the children have started exploring the school gardens to see what plants they can find. They carefully drew and labelled the main parts of a plant and then collected seed pods to see what seeds they could find inside. We found sunflower, honesty and ash seeds and were surprised to discover that the local squirrels had collected many of the sunflower heads over the summer holiday. At least this is one way to look after God’s creatures!

Why not go for a walk over the next few weeks and see what seeds you could find? Maybe you could seek out some acorn, horse chestnut (conkers) or sycamore seeds. Enjoy yourselves!

Year 2 displays

The Year 2 children have settled very well into their new classroom and have been thinking about how they can show their love for one another and also care for God’s beautiful world. Four of the classroom boards are already filled with the children’s wonderful learning and they are very proud to share photos of the displays with you here.

Year 2 Teddy Bears Picnic

We have had a wonderful last week at school. From lots of singing and dancing to preparing and eating wraps for our Teddy Bears Picnic, we have thoroughly enjoyed our farewell to the infants. We have also brought home a geranium plant to care for over the summer.

If you would like a larger pot to plant your geranium into, please help yourself to one from the container outside the Year 2 classroom.

Year 2 love to read

All through the year, the Year 2 children have shown that they are avid readers. They have thoroughly enjoyed choosing books from our new library, learned poems to recite to the class and devoured non fiction books linked to popular topics such as The Great Fire of London, lifecycles and favourite artists.

Over the holiday, the children will not be bringing home books from school, so this is an ideal chance to visit your local library and join their library challenge. The children will find a huge selection of books to choose from and earn stickers, a certificate and even a medal as a reward for their holiday reading. You will find out more here:

Year Two get sporty

This week, we had a wonderful time preparing for our sports day on Thursday. We learned how to do a relay race and were also guided by the Year Six children as they taught us how to compete in the obstacle race as well as develop our javelin throwing skills, among other things! Sports Day was tremendous fun; we all showed great sportsmanship and supported one another to do our very best. The morning finished with a delicious lolly, provided by the PTA, so we say a great big THANK YOU to them.

Year Two get arty

One of our favourite subjects is art. We have been learning about the artist, Angie Lewin and how she loves to create art using pens and watercolour paints. We collected interesting plants from our school gardens, created our own still lifes and then tried out Angie Lewin’s techniques for ourselves. We also love to listen to jazz music as we create art together. We are very proud of our artwork!

A Walk around St Adrian’s with Year 2

Linked to our class book called A Walk in London, we have taken a tour around the school grounds and talked about all the fabulous experiences we have in school. We imagined that we were Mrs Porter and wrote tours of the school, which showed what accomplished authors we all are. To finish our tour, we wrote captions that describe what makes St Adrian’s school special to us. You are warmly welcomed to come and visit our class during Open Evening this Wednesday 28th June (4-5.30pm) to see all of the fabulous learning that we are so proud of.

Year 2 dancers, boccia players, jazz musicians and all round talented people!

Well done to Serena, Colette and Jan for their wonderful performances in St Adrian’s Got Talent and also to all of the children who auditioned for SAGT. You are all superstars!

Year Two enjoy learning about habitats

As part of our learning in Science and Computing, we had a wonderful trip to RSPB Rye Meads. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves hunting for little creatures in a variety of habitats including ponds, grassland and the woodland floor.

We recorded the information that we collected on the computer and have learned how to present this data in many different ways. We are also creating shoebox habitats that include all the things that an animal needs to survive, such as food, water and shelter. Once again, we have shown just how creative we are! We are looking forward to displaying our habitats for everyone to see at our open evening on Wednesday 28th June (4-5.30 pm).

It was fabulous to see so many dads at our Father’s Day assembly. The children were very enthusiastic about singing their song and even asked to practise on the coach when we travelled to Rye Meads together. The children all have a beautiful card for their fathers in their book bags which they are looking forward to giving them on Sunday. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Year 2 artists

As part of our learning about Butterflies in art, we created some beautiful artwork that shows our skills using watercolour paint. The paintings formed part of our school art exhibition and can be purchased by sending in £7 to the school office.

Here we are showing what superb learners we are as we explored the watercolour paint.

We also took part in an exciting drama workshop this week. We explored the story of Peter Pan and had great fun being characters from this famous story, including pirates, merpeople and Tinklebell!