Thank you so much for the very thoughtful and generous gifts that I have been given to end the year. It has been a great privilege to teach all of your wonderful Year 2 children. They have shown themselves to be very hardworking and they are kind and caring friends to one another. The children are really ready for Year 3 and they will have a smashing time with Miss Osman. I wish you all a fun filled summer in which you will all be able to spend precious time together with family and friends.

Year 2 are a talented bunch!

It has been a very hot week, but the children have still continued to show what great learners they are. They started the week with a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the shade as temperatures were already reaching 30 degrees. The children revised their Design and Technology learning by making wraps and they enjoyed rereading the recipe instructions that they wrote during this topic to help them to make another delicious wrap.

Starting with a performance by the cheerleading club,, the children have celebrated their talents all week, finishing with a very successful talent show. Well done to all the Year 2 children who auditioned for this event. They really are a very talented bunch! Here are some photos that show what a wide range of opportunities the children have in the many school clubs available to the children here at St Adrian’s. There is a club to suit everyone’s interests!

The children have coped very well with the heat this week, but next week is set to be even hotter, so please do send your child in with at least one full drinks bottle. Why not send in a second bottle, filled with frozen water as this will be great for the children to enjoy later in the day.

Year 2 get sporty

What a busy week the children have had as part of our Commonwealth Games celebrations. The Sponsored Bounce was great fun for all of us and Sports Day was a wonderful event with the children displaying super sports skills as they joined in with all the games activities.

Year 2 scientists

When we visited Ashridge, we found many exciting minibeasts in the woodland and grassland habitats there. As part of our learning in science, on our return to school, we were keen to create a microhabitat at school where we could explore minibeasts every day. Our bug hunts have shown that minibeasts like spaces that are damp, dark and in the shade, and we have had great fun this week finishing off Bugingham Palace, a bug home for all kinds of creatures. We will enjoy finding out what creatures will move into their new home over the next few weeks.

It was lovely to see so many families visiting school, for our first Open Evening in three years. The children have worked incredibly hard this year and it was a wonderful way to celebrate their amazing learning. Thank you for sharing the evening with us.

Open Evening

Everyone is welcome! Whether you are the parent of one of our lovely children, or you are thinking of sending your child to our wonderful school, come along to celebrate all of the learning that has taken place this year, meet the teachers and visit the classrooms.

Wednesday, 6th July 2022 from 4pm until 6pm.

Year 2 are historians!

We have been so lucky in the month of June. We started the month with a Habitats visit to Ashridge, last week we learned about Judaism in an inspiring workshop and this week, we reinforced our learning in history with a day long series of activities focussing on the Great Fire of London. We all looked tremendous dressed up in our 17th century outfits and our teacher for the day, Master Jonathan taught us many things about how people lived 350 years ago. As the day progressed, we learned more about how the fire developed and what the people of London would have done to try and stop the fire. During the afternoon, we explored artefacts collected from the fire, and considered what they told us about the owner and their life.

We could not have run the day without the support of nine adults from Year 2 and Year 3 and we are very grateful for their invaluable help and enthusiasm. Thank you!

Year 2 learn about Shabbat

As part of our whole school learning about our sister faith of Judaism, we took part in a workshop that taught us all we needed to know about the Jewish day of rest called Shabbat. The workshop took us back to our autumn RE, where we had learned that God rested on the seventh day and the Jewish people do this as part of their Shabbat on Friday, going onto Saturday at sunset.

The children had great fun exploring the Jewish resources, such as the kippar (cap), Torah (religious text), yad (pointing stick) and tallits (prayer shawl) and showed great respect as they learned about this fascinating religion which has so many connections with the Catholic faith. Our morning ended with our own liturgy where we enjoyed grape juice and challah bread, followed by a whole school assembly where we taught the rest of the school a Shabbat song and found out lots of new things from other classes.

Shabbat candles, shabbat candles. Burning bright, burning bright. Challah on the table, challah on the table, it’s Friday night, Friday night.

Year 2 harvest their strawberries

All through the year, the Year 2 children have been caring for the plants growing in the raised beds next door to the classroom.

We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the different insects using the Bee and Butterfly Garden that we created and having grown them from seed, all of our vegetables, including onions, peas and courgettes are busy growing. This week was very exciting as we were finally able to harvest our strawberries and we used them to make milkshakes. They were very delicious!

Year 2 go exploring

The Year 2 children have had a wonderful trip to Ashridge. They were blessed with warm, but not too hot weather and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the habitats there, learning to identify and name a number of trees including sweet chestnut, holly, hawthorn, oak and beech. The children enjoyed exploring the habitat below the logs and leaves and found many minibeasts including centipedes, harvestman spiders and rove beetles. It was a very exciting day and the children were superb, with one parent commenting ‘I am absolutely blown away at how well behaved and engaged the children were today. They are an absolute credit to the school’. We are very grateful to the parents who were able to accompany us to Ashridge, without whom we could not have run the trip.

Year 2 dress up for Queen Elizabeth II

As part of our Platinum Jubilee activities this week, we have created an amazing display to show just how grateful we are to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Thank you Ma’am.

We watched a great cartoon in which Queen Elizabeth’s beautiful hat is blown off her head by a gust of wind. Off trot a loyal guard and a cheeky corgi to see if they can rescue the hat. This was the stimulus for our own stories and our next task was to create a story that told what happens next. We had great fun writing our stories, which showed just how good we are at creative writing, spellings, handwriting and punctuation now! For our maths challenge, we thought about the number 70 and all the different ways we could make 70, using the number skills that we have developed this year.

Click on the link below, if you would like to watch this lovely Platinum Jubilee cartoon at home.

Along with Year 2 children across the nation, throughout the month of May, we have been involved in lots of end of Key Stage practical activities and written assessments to show just how much we have learned during our time in Key Stage One. We have worked very hard and to celebrate our achievements, we all enjoyed a delicious ice lolly together, in the beautiful bee and butterfly garden that we have created.