Year Two get arty

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Art and Design topic this term. We explored Wassily Kandinsky’s artwork Squares with Concentric Circles and then created our own fantastic artwork using pens, oil pastels, powder paint and clay.

Year 2 celebrate their wonderful mums!

We all had a smashing time during our Mothers Day Assembly and the children sang with great enthusiasm, having written the words to the song together the previous week. Please do take a look in your child’s book bag where you will find their creative Mothers Day card.

Here are the words to the song again, if you would like to sing it at home.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day everyone!

Year 2 Food Technology

This term, we have been learning about the Eatwell plate and what foods go in each food group. We have learned that it is really important to have foods from a variety of food groups in order to eat healthily. We taste tested combinations of ingredients to see what went well together and then designed a wrap that would be tasty and healthy.

We had great fun preparing ingredients for our wraps and learned how to chop foods up with a knife by making a bridge with our hands. Once we had made our wraps, we reviewed them against our success criteria to see just how tasty and healthy they were. We tried to include ingredients from at least three food groups in our wrap and we have found that there are new foods that we will try.

Year 2 celebrate diversity

As part of Racial Justice Sunday, the children created some thoughtful posters promoting an anti-racist message. Take a look to see just how imaginative the children have been.

Year 2 love to read

We had a great time on World Book Day, celebrating our love of books, reading and writing. The day started with an opportunity to show off our outfits in a whole school assembly, followed by a shared reading session with our Year 6 buddies. After sharing poems with a friend, we then explored rhyming words and wrote our own amazing poems that we published in a class book. We also created our own beautiful bookmarks that we will be able to use in our favourite books. We have all brought a poetry book home, so our next challenge is to learn a poem to recite to our friends.

Year 2 make a great start on their journey through Lent

This week, we had lots of fun as we took part in our Big Lent Walk with Mrs Porter. We walked (or ran!) for 25 minutes and everyone covered a distance of at least two kilometres each. We are very proud of ourselves.

Please help us to raise money for CAFOD by going onto our school fundraising page, where you can see a record of the walk that we did together. You can find the fundraising page here:

Year 2 get connected

As part of this week’s Mental Health Week, we have been thinking carefully about all the different things that we can do to maintain our wellbeing. We did some of these great activities as a class and some with our friends in Year 1. Click on the slide presentation below to see all the wonderful things that we have done this week.

Five ways to good wellbeing

Year 2 love to count

This week, as part of the NSPCC Number Day, we had great fun exploring the multilink to create arrays using the number 12. We found twelve different multiplication and division facts for the number and then used what we had learned about 12 to help find out how many different groups we could share 30 into. Now that is great maths!

Once we’d had fun with the cubes, we logged onto the numbots website and solved lots of equations, so that we could earn gold coins and make our robots look better and better. We are getting really quick at solving addition and subtraction equations.

To end our wonderful number day, we had a maths quiz that gave us clues which helped us to crack the code.   The mystery message was Speak out, Stay safe, something that we should all do. We held out our hand and talked about the five people we can all talk to when we have something that we need to say.

Year 2 scientists

We have been exploring materials this term and have had great fun learning the new words transparent, opaque, waterproof, absorbent, flexible and rigid.

You’ll never guess what though. Goldilocks was going for a walk to visit the three bears, only to discover that it was raining, so she needed a hat that would stop her from getting her flowing, golden locks wet. We carried out some investigations to see what materials were waterproof and we recommended that oil cloth was the best choice because it is flexible and waterproof.

Seasons Greetings

The Year 2 children have been incredible this half term. There has been lots of illness, but the children have been resilient and showed just how brilliant they are as they persevered through rehearsals when, on a number of occasions, a third of the characters were ill! We are all very proud of the wonderful production that they put on during the last week of term and the singing was joyful. Well done Year 2!

Mrs McAllister and I would like to warmly thank you for the smashing gifts that we received at the end of the term. We are very lucky to have such generous families. Have a very happy, healthy and holy Christmas.

Here is a very special Christmas message from Year 2 to celebrate the end term.