Online safety help and resources for families

We all want our children to benefit from a great resource like the Internet. In this digital age, children are increasingly spending more of their time online with their devices. They will be going online for school work, to keep in touch with friends, to play games and to explore new things.

Being online can be a very positive experience but as always we need to be aware of the risks too, and that’s why schools and parents need to work together to help educate our children about how to use the Internet responsibly and safely.

Please look at the links posted on the right hand menu, including our Online Safety Resources Guide. They signpost the main organisations and websites providing parent and carer advice on matters of online use and safety. New information and articles are added all the time, so keep checking back, or sign up for free newsletters such as those provided by ParentZone.

Remember, it is never too early to start thinking about online safety and well-being.

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