Design Technology

Design Technology curriculum intent

At St Adrian’s Primary School, we aim to use the teaching of Design and Technology to offer opportunities for the pupils to utilise their imagination and creativity to design and make products that have a real and relevant purpose. Through our curriculum, the pupils are able to make links to designs and designers throughout history, adding historical context and depth to their designs. We also aim to provide opportunities for pupils to critique, test and evaluate their designs and products and the work of others. Where possible, we aim to use cross-curricular links to add more depth and applicability to the products being made.

Our school Design Technology curriculum map

Year 1 Moving story bookWindmills & SmoothiesPuppets
Year 2PouchesMoving Monsters & Making WrapsBaby Bear’s Chair
Year 3Pneumatic Toys &
Static Electricity
Eating Seasonally & CastlesCushions
Year 4 Fastenings & TorchesSlingshot Cars Adapting a Recipe &
Year 5Saxon VillagePop-Up books & Electric GreetingStuffed Toys &
What Could be Healthier?
Year 6Come Dine With MeAutomata Toys &
Waistcoats &
Steady Hand Games

Progression in D&T skills at St Adrian’s

National Curriculum for D&T

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