Thank you

Today is my birthday and, unbeknownst to me, the children were aware of this and organised some lovely presents (Prosecco, Cake and a very up-market washbag from Osprey) as well as cards.

I would just like to say thank you so much for generosity – the surprise made it especially touching.

Easter 2020

It is nearly time when we are going to go for the Easter break.

I am not setting any formal work over the holiday but suggest the following:

Do as much or as little of the following as appropriate.

The following is taken from the most recent post on the Year 5 Google Classroom (Google Class Assignment also contains some attachments and links to images to inspire etc)…

-1) Read ( If you can’t get to a library , use Curriculum Visions ( they also have a selection of fiction books too)).

2) Yesterday I gave information on how to access books on dissolving and changing materials (see yesterday’s post for details) – these books cover a lot of the National Curriculum for year 5 so it is worth being familiar with it .  Also, there are lots of videos and experiments ( follow any safety guidelines) for you to try at home which are linked to these books when you open them up on Curriculum Visions.

3) Here is a link to a great website that Mrs Butterworth found

There are some great pictures that might inspire you to do your own art work or creative writing.

After the holiday, I will post anything you want to share with the class (within reason!).


As Catholics, Easter is the most important time of the Year in the Church’s Calendar. I suggest that you and your family use some time to contenplate the true meaning of Christmas.

Here  are some things that you may wish to do with your family.

Many churches have their own youtube feeds so that you can share Mass even though, at present, we are not allowed to attend. I suggest you find the website of a local Catholic church and check it out for this facility.

The Way of the Cross (revisit Jesus’s journey to Calvary )

A message from Mr Bedford

You could say the Rosary ( or a decade of the Rosary) – see the attachments.

You could produce  some Easter artwork/ make an Easter card or similar .

Have a safe and holy Easter Break.

You are all  in my prayers,

Mr C

Class Information For Year 5


Week Beginning 9th November 2020

This week I have given the children hard copies of the work I want them to complete although I have posted copies of this work on Google Classroom.

English Comprehension /RE

The reading comprehension is based around the recent RE homework. As the answer sheets ( which will be stuck in their RE books) will form part of an assessment, I suggest that the answers are written as fully as possible.


The children have got a hard copy of worksheet 11 to complete and bring back to school.

Spare copies plus extension work and less demanding tasks are posted on the google class page.

Week Beginning 5 October 2020

(This week’s homework documents are on the Year 5 Google Classroom)

For maths this week I have set a challenge based on a maths no problem task – The children can record their answers directly on the computer document using google class.

The English homework is an exercise on persuasive language.

I have recieved many wonderful collages of your families which are currently on display in my classroom. I have put the next RE Topic’s HW on the RE link (Topic is Life Choices) .

Week beginning 27 September 2020

The work is posted on the Google Classroom.

This week I have given English homework on Relative Clauses to improve sentences and some maths work on addition (worksheet 3 Maths No problem).

There is also a reminder to complete any unfinished work on the Solar System and too replenish their pencil cases if necessary.

Week beginning 20 September 2020

This week I have given English homework on prepositions to improve sentences and some maths work on rounding (worksheet 12 Maths No problem).

There is also an RE Assignment on the Ourselves Topic ( see RE Home learning)

All the relevant information for the homework has been posted on the Year 5 Google Classroom.

Week beginning Monday 7 September 2020

Most homework will be via Google Classroom or using other web based applications such as Mymaths, J2E, Sumdog and Curriculum Visions.

The home work this week will be an exercise on place value on Mymaths and some research using Curriculum Visions ( they have been asked to read up to page 7 in the “Earth in Space” text book but there are also many videos and related books which they can use if they want to do more in depth research).

They have been given paper copies of the login details for both Curriculum Visions and Mymaths.

Week Beginning Monday 18 May2020

Here is an overview of the weekly tasks:

Mr Sallis will continue to set work in Maths and British Values.

English – We will conclude our work on Carrie’s War this week with comprehension exercise and opportunities to share our artwork.

RE – On the Transformation Topic, we will do work on The Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Science- Para chutes/ spinners investigation

Geography – New York – Housing

History – Linked to Carrie’s War

Art – Linked to Carrie’s War

There will be some optional half term activities set over half term.

As a class we would like to share with you some of what we have been up to – However, for internet safety reasons and file download limitations – this work can be accessed on the Google Classroom only.

Music – Mrs Goldsmith has provided us with an optional music activity

Mrs Hayes has kindly sourced some additional RE resources

Friday 1st May


This week, the children have been working on Sumdog and our class was overall Hertfordshire Champions.

Three of our class, Sophie, Daniella and Sophie each received a special certificate from Sumdog in recognition of their efforts. I have attached the league tables.


Last week I posed a really tricky problem where the children had to come up with methods for separating a mixture of sand, salt , iron filings, marbles and sawdust.

The attachment shows some of their ingenious ideas.


Attached to the google classroom is a copy of a Powerpoint on Pentecost and a link for a free book from Rainbows about the Lockdown.

Email – Kevin Creaton – Outlook

It just remains for me to say, thank you for supporting you child through this difficult period and wishing you a happy and healthy weekend.

FRIDAY 24 April.

This week, an incident in Carrie’s War, has inspired us to write about own strange object descriptions.

Here is some of the work that was sent back to me.


I have been very impressed by the work that has been coming in during what can only be described as difficult times. As I did not allocate any HTA on the last week of term I am nominating the following for consistently producing high quality work :

Joe Aidan Josh Natalie

Well done!

Here Comes the Summer!

Each morning, work will be posted on Google Classroom giving the assignments for the day but I strongly suggest that children begin each day with the Joe Wicks daily exercise video.

AS all children are now members of the Year 5 Google Classroom, this post will not be routinely updated. Most current information will be found on the Year 5 Google Classroom Stream.

IMPORTANT These are difficult and unusual times and every household will have their own constraints and circumstances. Whilst I set these tasks to help give structure each day to your child’s learning, it is unrealistic to think that every child will be able to complete every task to a deadline. As parents, you are best placed to decide what is appropriate for your child at this time and if any task is causing anxiety, or your child has reached a bit of a ‘dead – end’ with it, then I suggest you do something much more constructive such as reading, playing, chatting, art etc.

Week Beginning 20 April 2020

This week we will have the following focii:

English – Mainly continuing with our story – Carrie’s War

Maths – Fractions – This work will be set by Mr Sallis who has also provided you with links to the Maths-No-Problem Resources.

I will also be enrolling the class into a new Sumdog challenge.

British Values – Each week there will – this week’s topic is Democracy

Geography- Continuing with our New York Project.

History – (linked with English) Looking at the lives of children evacuated during WW2.

Science – Separating substances

PE – As well as Joe Wicks, it is important that children keep active by playing and exercising. Each day on the google classroom, I will be inviting the children to update the Year 5 online Activity Tracker.

RE- We have started a new Topic – Transformation. There is lots of information about it in the attachments below.

Also, The Wednesday Word is available from the school website.

The children have also written some poems about the Seaside – attached is a selection.


Mr Creaton

Work for 27 March

Hi Everyone

Today’s work can be found on Google Classroom .

Main tasks include – Evaluating and high lighting instruction ( Success Criteria Provided)

Costing the carpet tiles for a bedroom.

Main tasks include – Redrafting Tea instruction ( Success Criteria Provided)

This week’s homework and last week’s answers will be posted shortly.

Work for 26 March

Costing the skirting board for a bedroom.


Mr Creaton

Work for 25 March.

As usual, today’s work is detailed on the Google Classroom.

After a Joe Wicks warm up, we are continuing with our tea-making instructions, making a bedroom plan in maths and some more work on New York in Google Slides ( for Geography). As always, I suggest you find time to read a book of your choice.

Work for 23 March

I have put an instruction writing activity (on tea) and maths problem sheet on the Google classroom.

Home Learning 20 March 2020

For home learning I have assigned on the google classroom the following:

A comprehension task on Blackpool and a maths problem around the word- ABRACADABRA.

I would also suggest that the children choose a book from our Curriculum visions virtual library to read.

These are very unusual circumstances but I hope all of you have a restful weekend.

Take care ,

Mr Creaton

I have set work for today on the google classroom:

A spelling exercise on the i before e rule and a fair-based maths problem sheet .

All but three of the children in the class have accepted the invitation to join the google classroom and I urge those three to join as soon as possible.

When posting comments on the google classroom, please be mindful of what you say. – we see everything you write. It is best to stick to commenting directly on the task.

Here is a summary of the advice for Year 5

Year 5 should remember that

  • they should think carefully about what they post and only post when relevant to the learning (it is not a social media platform!)
  • If posting comments they should be respectful and positive
  • What they post is seen by everyone in the class including teachers
  • their teacher has the power to turn off (mute) their ability to make comments should it become necessary
  • They are using a school system and all the usual school expectations about behaviour apply.

To keep you healthy and fit whilst at home .. Joe Wicks has announced he will be doing a live PE lesson Monday – Friday at 9am for children who are off school. It will be uploaded onto his Youtube page. 

Happy Mothers’ day From Year 5

To access this video please log into your child’s St Adrian’s Google account.

Year 5 Home Learning Spring 2 Week 2  (Week beginning 13-03-2020)

Mr Sallis maths: Please complete the Worksheets provided on Line Graphs. Make sure you come and see me on either Monday or Tuesday next week if you need help and I will be happy to work with you. 

Hello Everyone,

For homework this week I have provided the class with the words to our Mothers’ Day song.  Here is a Youtube link to help:

I have given my Maths group a worksheet on Nick Names.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Creaton

Email – Kevin Creaton – Outlook

Learning in Year 5 this week

Happy Mothers’Day From Year 5

English –  Children will be writing instructions about how to make a cup of tea.  They will consider using semi colons and colons. 

Maths – Fractions –  We will look at improper fractions and mixed numbers, as well as  equivalent fractions.

RE-  We will study Judaism  and look at  what makes up the   Seder Plate.

History-  We will be exploring what happened to children in World War 2 and children will begin their own projects. 

Geography – Children will be completing research and create a powerpoint about New York. They will begin with looking at what they already know and what they would like to find out. 

Science – We will begin a new unit based on  Habitats and Life Cycles.

Children will explore the different parts of a plant or flower and look at how they reproduce. 

D and T –  Children will be completing an evaluation of their  Anglo Saxon house.


RE Home learning for the whole school

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales have designated 2020 as ‘The God Who Speaks’: A Year of the Word to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Verbum Domini – Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Exhortation on ‘The Word of the Lord’, and the 1600th anniversary of death of St Jerome, who translated the Bible into Latin.  Cardinal Vincent Nichols has launched the Year of the Word across the diocese and further information can be found here:

As part of their RE home learning over the Christmas holiday, all children across the school are invited to think about the bible and the stories that are important to them.  Maybe they have stories from the bible that they love to read and talk about.  Share stories from the bible with your child and talk about what the stories mean to them.  When your child is ready, think about what story they would like to create a poster for to advertise the story to their friends at school.  Your child’s poster should include a clear title of the story or book from the bible and a beautiful image from the story.  Feel free to let your child add a description of the story and what it means to them.  We are looking forward to making a wonderful display of the posters and this will be a lovely way for us to start celebrating The Year of the Word in school.  Please return posters to your class by Wednesday 15th January.

2020 will be a year of celebrating, living and sharing God’s word, through a range of events, activities and resources, available across the Diocese of Westminster.  A lovely activity that is particularly pertinent to the time of year can be found here:  

We look forward to seeing the posters that the children create to celebrate God’s Word.

Emma Hayes (RE Subject Leader)

Key stage two – Christmas carol service

The countdown to Christmas has begun and the children are all working hard to learn the words to the carols for our Christmas carol service.

Please encourage your child to practise – they will need to know all of the words by heart. The words can be downloaded using the link, below.

We hope that you will be able to join us on Wednesday, 18th December for this special celebration.

Year 5 Guitarists

Dear Parents,

Mrs Goldsmith has asked me to pass on the following message for year 5 guitarists:

Please remember to practise between lessons each week so that you can come to the next lesson best prepared to concentrate and learn and good progress can made.

Can parents please remember to sign the practice sheet or book when the practice has been completed.

Please remember to take the instrument home after the lesson (you will need this to practise).

Thank you

Mr Creaton

ECO WARRIORS: Could you get a Blue Peter badge?

Blue Peter’s beautiful green badge.

The Eco team want to inform you of an opportunity where you can earn your very own Blue Peter Badge!

Blue Peter are giving out Green badges for Eco Warriors all across the country.

Green badges are awarded for sending in letters, pictures that are about the environment, conservation or nature.

You can apply on the link below. Remember to include a message at least 50 words long, explaining that you’re applying for the Green badge and why you deserve to be awarded one.

Also, on this link, there are some examples of brilliant Green badge posts, to inspire you to get yours!

So, why not try and apply for one today! When you get one- remember to tell your class Eco Reps so we can share the amazing news.

The Eco Team.