At St Adrian’s we know that the children care about our world and want to protect it. Therefore, at the heart of the geography curriculum is ‘Protect our beautiful world’.

We believe that geography helps to provoke and provide answers to questions about the natural and human aspects of the world. Children are encouraged to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the world, as well as their place in it.

The geography curriculum at St Adrian’s provides progression which enables children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas and which can and are used to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Geography is an investigative subject, which develops an understanding of concepts, knowledge and skills. We seek to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people which will remain with them for the rest of their lives; to promote the children’s interest and understanding of diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.

Key documents

Progression in geography at St Adrian‘s

National curriculum for Geography

Topics at a glance

Geography in the Early Years


Autumn SpringSummer
Year 1 My Area – plans, maps, keys
and arial photos
Weather patterns The UK – countries, capitals and seas
Factors affecting the location of SettlementsWeather Activities and Resources KS1 | Teaching about Weather and ...British Isles Map Cloth
Year 2It’s a Wonderful World Part 1 (Continents and oceans) It’s a Wonderful World Part 2 (Continents and oceans) Let’s visit Brazil and compare with St Albans
Seven Continents Map - Geography Teaching Resources - TwinklSeven Continents Map - Geography Teaching Resources - TwinklNorwegian Launches Gatwick To Rio Flights - Simple Flying
Year 3UK towns, cities and features Water and rivers Europe and the Americas
British Isles Map ClothBiogeochemical Cycles - Lessons - Tes TeachComparing the latitude of Europe and North America: MapPorn
Year 4Compare a region in the UK with a region in Europe and South America Features of the Earth A local field study
Comparison between U.S. states and sovereign states by GDP - WikipediaI am always looking for ways to make the science standards relatable for my  students. They need to be able to see these thing… | Landforms, Earth, 4th  grade scienceSewell Park, St Albans – DLA Town Planning
Year 5Cutting up the globeEnergy and sustainability Biomes
hemisphere: hemispheres of the world --�Kids Encyclopedia | Children's  Homework Help | Kids Onli… | World map continents, Continents and oceans,  World map printableHow companies are boosting the sustainability of their energy useMeaning and classification of Biomes -
Year 6 Population Migration Globalisation
World population evolution | Historic growth and causes - IberdrolaFive Takeaways on Migration and Development | Development MattersGlobalisation