Enrichment Clubs

We have so many exciting enrichment clubs to offer the children. We value the development of the whole child and wish for the children to have as many opportunities to thrive outside of the curriculum. Click on the link below for booking details of the activities.


On Wednesday 18th January, our St Adrian’s choir attended Young Voices in the O2 for the first time. We absolutely sang our little hearts out and danced our little socks off! St Adrian’s choir joined 200 other schools to perform a whole variety of different musical genres and dances. There were over 8000 of us singing along to world class musicians and beat boxers. It truly was incredible! Although it was a late night for the children, it really was worth it to make, I am pretty sure, a core memory for them all.

I would like to thank Mrs Sawle and Mrs Mc Allister for accompanying us .A HUGE thank you to the wonderful Mrs Fitzgerald who has been preparing the children every week ready for their performance as well as working with our younger Year 2 children who will hopefully aspire to attend Young Voices in the future. Finally, to all of the children, you did so well. It was wonderful to dance and sing along with you. You lit up the room with your positivity and your mini torches! I know you were tired but it was worth every minute! Roll on Young Voices 2024! 

Lara and Maya have written about their experience there.

“I really enjoyed the Young Voices . It was an incredible experience for me. We couldn’t have learnt or done it without Mrs Fitzgerald. I really appreciated all her help towards the Young Voices. It was amazing and I loved every second of it. All of the Urban Strides, The Beatbox Collective, Heather Small from M People, the Young Voices band and the conductor David Lawrence were out of this world! Thank you! ” Lara – Year 5

“I loved singing at the O2 with all my friends and 200 other schools. It was great fun to be so energetic with all the dancers too! This was an experience that I will definitely never forget! I really enjoyed the performances of Anna Phoebe the violinist , The Beatbox Collective, Urban Strides and Heather Small!” Maya – Year 5

Ready and rearing to go!
Dancing along with Urban Strides dance troop
Busting some moves!
Throwing some shapes
Group Hug!
Waiting in excitement for the parents to arrive!
Proud to represent St Adrian’s