Curriculum Intent

At St Adrian’s we want all our pupils to:

  • learn about the science and foundations of computing to develop understanding
  • develop skills to produce purposeful and creative content for a range of applications, and know that there are many careers they can aspire to by acquiring these skills
  • be competent, respectful, responsible and safe users of technology, discerning of its content, so that they have the opportunity to participate positively in a global community.   

Our aim is to deliver fun and engaging computing lessons within a meaningful context that develop creativity, resilience and problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We look to embed knowledge and use of technology across the curriculum where it can enhance the learning experience, or be used to ensure learning opportunities are made accessible to every child.

Our school Computing curriculum map:

YEAR 1Creating digital artUsing a
programmable toy
Creating a video
YEAR 1Finding images
using the web
Year 2 Taking better photosYear 2 Collecting data
YEAR 2Researching a topicTaking better photosCollecting data
YEAR 2Programming
YEAR 3Programming an animationCollecting dataDebugging code
YEAR 3Filming a
YEAR 4Developing a
computer game
Creating a web page
with HTML
Creating a digital presentation
YEAR 4Creating digital
YEAR 5Developing a
computer game
Creating digital art
with geometry
Cracking computer
YEAR 5Creating a blog
YEAR 6Creating an online
safety website
Programming an
adventure game
Creating a
television advert
YEAR 6Creating search and
sort algorithms
Exploring computer

Progression in computing skills at St Adrian’s

National curriculum for computing

You can find out more about the individual year group curriculums using the links below.

The Year 1 learner

The Year 2 learner

The Year 3 learner

The Year 4 learner

The Year 5 learner

The Year 6 learner

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