Year 4 @ Kew Gardens

The sun shone for us this week when we visited the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Sophie takes up the story…

On Tuesday the 21st  May, Year 4 went on their school trip to Kew Gardens. Year 4 had a fantastic time even though we didn’t see all of Kew.

Year 4 were delighted when we got tickets to go to the children garden.

When we got to Kew, half of the children went to the Palm house and the other half went to the Temperate house. The Palm house was very hot and steamy while the Temperate house was a much more relaxed temperature.

A while later, we all met near King William’s Temple. The children were exhausted and hungry but were determined to go to the Treetop walk.

The children kept screaming because the bridge they were walking on was very wobbly! Apart from that they loved the treetop views.

After the Treetop walk, we had lunch. The children cheered with relief.

After lunch, we went to the new children’s garden. The children were so unhappy when we had to go. They still had a lovely time.

Thank you for all the parents who helped.

Thanks, Sophie, and I would echo your thanks to Mrs Miller and Mrs Watson for their help throughout the day. Here are some more of our photos.