Year 6 Isle of Wight Thursday

Wednesday evening:

More fun in the sea:

Thursday Morning 7 am:

“Morning boys”

(No answer)

Louder- “Wake up boys.”

“Ugh Ugh”

Yes, its getting increasingly difficult to get the boys up in the morning, so soundly are they sleeping after a day’s activities.  Today is surfing then Robin Hill then the Disco –  I’m already toying with the idea of a sharpened stick for tomorrow’ early morning wake-up call.

We went surfing with the same company as last year (I-Surf)  and once again, they totally engaged with the children bringing the best out of them.  The children had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

After this it was off to Robin Hill where we had lunch, tried the 4 D Cinema and Swinging Galleon Ride. 

Then came the maze challenge.

For the maze challenge, two groups of boys are pitted against two teams of girls and they race against the clock to complete the maze. Mr Creaton and Mr Sallis coaching the boys while Mrs Hawkes coached the girls. I’m informed that in the last 15 years, the boys’ teams have only beaten the girls once. How can this be?  That question was soon answered when Mrs Hawkes drilled the girls with her pre-maze prep talk with the conviction and ferocity akin to that of an competitive/ambitious mother to her  baton-twirling, 9 year old daughter just before entering a Texan Beauty Pageant.

The girls beat the the boys again.

But there was a twist….

How about Mr Sallis and Mr Creaton V Mrs Hawkes and Mrs Butterworth? Game on.

Mrs Hawkes and Mrs Butterworth emerged from the maze in self-congratulatory mode only to see that Mr Creaton and Mr Sallis had already finished 1 second earlier.  After it had sunk in, Mrs Hawkes gave a perfuntory ‘Well done’ and then went strangely quiet. However, she was later to recover her voice:

“I wouldn’t say we let you win, but we weren’t really trying”


“Besides, the girls were still the overall winners”


“It’s not really fair and doesn’t really count because Mr Sallis had a height advantage”.

Better luck next year Mrs Hawkes!

There was still some time for an ice-cream and a ride on the toboggan run before catching the tractor ‘train’ back to the car park.

Its time to pack the bags and get ready for tonight’s dico.

As a footnote, all the staff and pupils would like to say a big THANK YOU to Vinnie, our coach driver from Welham Travel, for whom, nothing was too much trouble and who has been proactive in  helping us at every turn.