St Albans Cathedral – Wednesday 17th April

We had a wonderful time at the cathedral on Wednesday. The children’s behaviour was excellent, they listened very well and really enjoyed the practical map reading activities, outdoors. They created some beautiful illuminated letters, each one different and individual.

Easter “Chique” and farewell to Miss Cartwright

Year 4 enjoyed seeing the chicks who were only born one week ago but already have adult feathers coming in!

Everyone is sad to say good-bye to Miss Cartwright and wish her lots of luck in her new ventures

Happy Easter from Year 4

It’s been a short but packed week. We finished reading “Odd And The Frost Giant”, which we all loved. The children wrote some great writing in the adventure story genre and when asked what they’d learnt from this, said:

“I’ve learnt how to write similes.”

“how to use dialogue”

“how to tell a story from a different point of view- from the “baddy’s” point of view”

One technique to get children talking and sharing ideas is hot-seating and we enjoyed using strategy to get closer to the characters in the story this week:

The children also really enjoyed experimenting with “Chrome Music Lab”, a fantastic piece of software to write melodies with lots of different apps which the children can use at home, if they choose to.

It was lovely to see parents at both the assemblies this week – the Stations of the Cross on Tuesday and Easter celebration on Wednesday. Well done to the children who won prizes for their careful, beautiful artwork. All the entries were stunning.

We are all sad to say good-bye to Miss Cartwright. In year 4, she has been more than the PE teacher as she has listened to readers, accompanied us on trips and generally supported the children in the school day. We will really miss her, but wish her well as she starts her degree. She has a brilliant future ahead of her and many other children will benefit from her teaching.

The office will inform all parents the details of netball club after we return from the holiday.  It will start a few weeks into the summer term, with the start date and the day yet to be confirmed. When it does start any interested year 4s are very welcome to join. There are no more league games or tournaments now so the focus will be on playing together as a team and skill practice. I know that there are some very keen netball players which is fantastic there is a brilliant opportunity to build new, confident school team next year!

I hope you all have a lovely two-week break together, starting with celebrating the Good News of the Resurrection and then enjoying relaxing, seeing family,  going on holiday or whatever plans you have to have a good time. I look forward to seeing everyone in April. Happy Easter!

It’s a Material World

RHE this week was about distinguishing between behaviours which are, wrong, unacceptable, unhealthy or risky. The children enjoyed deciding which category behaviour like calling someone names because they are different, singing in front of people or eating food from the dustbin fall into. Many of them fell into two categories.

On Thursday, the children learnt about materials through a workshop at school, when all the resources where brought in and set up by an organisation called Setpoint. The children worked in pairs to carry out four investigations or experiments. They listened and focused brilliantly and made the most of this fantastic active learning opportunity. Many thanks to the parents who came in to help, without whose help we couldn’t run these sessions.

How many more minutes?

Last week in Science week, we explored time.

We learnt what we can do in a minute, from how many star jumps to how many times we can write our name.

We looked at the lifecycle of a bee and other cycles of life we see in nature.

We linked all the learning to our Science topic of seasonal changes and learning about the months of the year, which we then shared with our families and the school in our Learning Assembly.

Time is racing by…

… which was the theme of Friday afternoon, to mark Science Week. Year 4 was investigating whether people with the longest legs run the fastest. This involved measuring leg length, timing each other running sprints and then recording the data. We had to wait till the rain and stopped and dried up before we could go outside, so the final recording and analysis will wait till next week.

We’ve also been considering evaporating water as we measured the amounts of water in containers in different locations. We were surprised at how much effect on evaporation heat actually has!

In RHE, we have been learning about how we are all created in God’s image. In particular, we’ve considered how what we see on social media frequently isn’t real and doesn’t represent reality. However, reality is what matters and we should all respect and love each other in our “real forms”, like God does.

Here three children are reading the story which formed the basis of the RHE lesson. The children really enjoy reading the scenarios and role-plays for the sessions. They are great public speakers and actors!

The home learning has posted at the right time this week, so the children can share the learning they’ve been doing about perimeter and length, which included shape which they have enjoyed. It’s nice to have a change from straight number work. Let’s hope there is some sun this weekend and I hope that you all have a relaxing time together.

Year 4 Books Wishlist

As Mrs Porter mentioned in the bulletin, the birthday traditions at St Adrians include buying a book for the school library, from the year group’s wishlist on Amazon. Here is year 4’s:

Buying a book for the school library is a wonderful way to contribute to the joy of learning and pleasure of reading for current and future pupils. When a child goes to the library, s/he may see his/her book on the shelves and s/he can recommend it to friends. It will have a bookplate on the front cover so readers can see which kind person shared a favourite read with them.

World Book Day Fun

The children looked amazing in their costumes – there was a huge range of book characters learning in year 4, which was great to see. I am sorry not to post a photo, but the Apple mini-i-pad has “frozen”and I can’t get into it. When I can I will post the photo then.

As always, year 4 worked really well as a team and sang their Mother’s Day enthusiastically. It was lovely to see so many Mums, Grandmas and aunts today.

We have started a new topic in Maths – length and perimeter so there are plenty of opportunities to talk about distances and to estimates lengths and height of furniture, for example.

We are continuing to learn about Lent and Easter in RE and I am looking forward to seeing lots of individual entries for the Easter Art competition.

Have a lovely weekend.

World Book Day

The class came dressed as their favourite “book” characters and we shared books with Year 5 and took part in other fun related book activities, like quizzes.

I have started to refresh the book corner to reflect the changing needs of the class and remind the children of the power of our imagination.

Our new book isn’t odd at all…

Two chapters in and everyone in class 4 is desperate to know who the creatures are and what adventure is going to happen next in “Odd and The Frost Giants”. We have travelled to a different time and place to meet some very interesting characters… More will be revealed next week…

The book is by Neil Gaiman, an author I’ve been mentioning at consultations. He writes fantastic books – novels and picture books – for children which appeal to many ages and girls and boys. If your child enjoys this book, or even if s/he wouldn’t choose reading as the first thing to do, this author could be for them. Your child doesn’t have to read every word – you could read a page each, or you could chip in when it gets tricky. Any way into reading is really worth it, for so many reasons, not the least being as inspiration for writing. There are Neil Gaiman books in the school library for anyone to borrow. This website is American and shows some of the titles, for all ages he has written-

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing the parents I haven’t seen yet on Monday morning.