Reception Home Learning – 25.02.21

Good morning everyone,

Welcome to our home learning for today.

Religious Education

The Parish family gathers together at Mass

This is a little challenging to teach during our lockdown period.  However, hopefully many of you will have been able to access the parish live streams.

Here’s a reminder of parishes that offer this service:

Masses at Ss Alban and Stephen Catholic Church on YouTube

Online Masses at St Teresa’s Borehamwood – Fr Dominic McKenna

Online Masses at St Luke’s Pinner – Canon Robert Plourde

Online Masses at Westminster

Ask your child to look at the picture below:

Questions to ask

What do you see in the picture?

Who are the people in the picture?

What are the congregation doing? (singing a gather song)

What is happening? (Priest and altar servers processing in)

Discuss with your child about how we gather in church to welcome and listen to God’s word from the Bible.  Remind your child of the words used by the priest to welcome people ‘The Lord be with you…’.  And the people say ‘And with your spirit’. 

Link your discussions to personal experiences of attending Mass as a family. 

Talk about the special book called the Bible which tells us about God’s word.  You could select a story from your child’s Bible to read.

Letters and Sounds

This is an exciting moment!  Today’s sound is the last Phase 3 sound.  This completes the learning of one representation for 42 of the 44 sounds generally recognised as those of British Received Pronunciation.  Just one spelling is given for each sound because this is all that is required at this stage.  Children can now write most words using the sounds they have learnt.  Spellings represented by the sound they know is an equally good first choice as the correct spelling.  They will learn alternatives in Year 1 (e.g. ‘ay’ instead of ‘ai’ and ‘ie’ instead of ‘igh’).

Rest assured, once we’re back at school we will revisit all of the sounds learnt and consolidate your child’s knowledge of phonics. We will, of course, also teach correct spellings of tricky words and extend your child as appropriate.

Today’s new sound – ‘er’ (digraph two letters but one sound)

This video introduces the ‘er’ sound.

Show your child how to write ‘er’ using the correct letter formation.

Letter formation for ‘e’ and ‘r’ can be found in your child’s letters and sounds book.

Encourage your child to ‘have a go’ at writing the ‘er’ sound. 

For challenge

Only if your child is ready.  Write the following words:

For extra challenge

Write a sentence and draw a picture (a reminder from our Gingerbread Man story). 


Counting down and up game

You will need:

Numeral cards 0-10 (or 0-20 if your child is ready).

You could use the numeral cards posted on the Tapestry Memo section or just write your own.  Hopefully, you’ve still got the cards prepared for our previous activities.

An adapted dice with only 1 and 2 marked.  Do this by writing 1 and 2 on a small pieces of paper.  Sellotape over the 3, 4, 5 and 6 dots on the dice.

What to do:

Have a number your line ready.

Your child starts by placing a counter (stone, button, etc) on zero.

Roll the dice and ‘count on’ the number shown.  Note:  It is important that your child starts the count from the number they are on and counts on. For example: if they are on 7 and roll a two, they say, ‘I am on 7, I need to count on two places – 8, 9’.

Keep going until your child reaches the end of the number line. 

Repeat by starting on 10 to go backwards.


Use a number line 0-20.

Ask your child to predict the number they will land on.  Encourage use of fingers.  For example, count on 2 from 15.  Hold up 2 fingers ‘I am on 15 … (count fingers) 16, 17’

Use higher numbers on the dice.

Play outside. Chalk a number line on the ground and play by jumping on the numbers.

Expressive Arts/Maths

Counting on song

Encourage your child to use their fingers to represent the numbers shown in these songs.

One Elephant went out to play

Counting down songs

10 fat sausages sizzling in a pan

Have a great day!

Nicola Palmer