Reception – Christmas Preparations


And just like that it’s already December. Where are the weeks going.? We had lots of buzz around the classroom when everyone was talking about advent calendars, chocolate and Santa. What a better way to celebrate the beginning of Advent than decorating the classroom? We were busy wrapping presents, making Christmas cards, and practising, practising, practising for our Nativity.

Next week we will be making our own stockings for the fireplace!
It was very exciting that we can now use our Little Wandle learning and write letters to Santa independently.

We’ve been retelling the Nativity story and the children had lots of fun using the small world area and pretend to be Mary, Joseph, King or Shepherd. We even did a story map to help us remember the sequence of the story.

In Little Wandle this week we revisited all the graphemes and digraphs learned so far. We’ve been focusing on words with ‘s’ at the end (plurals and verb forms) and learned 3 new tricky words:


Over the next week I will be carrying out Little Wandle assessment with every child. Please keep a look out for any extra sound or word cards in your child’s reading folder, these are the ones they are not yet secure with. Please look at these daily with your child and make any relevant comments in their reading record.
As always, BIG THANK YOU for supporting us in this journey!

Things to remember:

Monday 2:30 pm Library visit – You are very welcome to join us!
Friday reading mornings – 8:45am to 9:00 am.
Our reading practise books need to be returned by Monday. Please make sure that they are in the zippy bags together with tricky words book and reading record.

Looking forward seeing you all on the Christmas Disco!!!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – Baptism


Hello parents,
Thank you very much for sharing lovely photos and artefacts from your child’s Baptism. We loved looking at them and discussing what is Baptism, welcoming into God’s family.

We played in our church, baptising babies and saying the special words: ‘I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen’. We made a beautiful stained glass windows and wrote a special prayer.

Little Wandle
This week we’ve learned 4 new digraphs:

Thank you for helping your children practise the new diagraphs.
Please make sure that you ‘read’ the new tricky words too.


This week, the children were building on their understanding of the composition of numbers by investigating the composition of 3, 4 and 5. Composing and de-composing numbers involves the children investigating part–part–whole relations, e.g. seeing that 3 can be composed of 1 and 2. Through practical experience, they will consolidate their understanding of a whole being made up of smaller parts.

Things to remember:

Monday 2:30 pm Library visit – You are very welcome to join us!
Friday reading mornings – 8:45am to 9:00 am.
Friday non – uniform day in exchange of £1/£2 pounds.
Saturday – family disco 4pm-7pm
Our reading practise books need to be returned by Monday. Please make sure that they are in the zippy bags together with tricky words book and reading record.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – Children in Need

Hello parents and children,

What a week! At the beginning we came to school wearing odd socks and on a Friday we were all covered in spots and stripes. The children were also learning about Islam and took part in a special Islam assembly.

Odd socks day went really well and we spend the day showing off our odd socks and designing even more on the craft table. We also talked about what makes us different and how being different makes us stand out! Elmer the patchwork elephant helped us all to understand it. We all decided that if everyone was the same the world will not be as colorful as it is.

In RE this week we were learning interesting facts about the muslim prayer mat. We were very lucky to have a real pro. Thank you Year 2 for showing us how muslim people pray. It was very interesting and we learned so much. We also watched a video and if you like you can show it to your mummies and daddies :

Little Wandle
We continued our journey in learning new phonemes and digraphs. The children are brilliant in blending and they are even practising how to read a full sentences. Here is what we’ve learned this week:

Please practise the new phonemes and graphemes with your children. This will really help them become confident in recognising them.

First Library visit
We are very blessed to have such a lovely space for reading and sharing wonderful stories. Our first visit was on a Monday afternoon and the children were absolutely brilliant showing everybody their best behavior.

Reading morning

A big thank you for staying and reading with your child. We were all very excited to show you our lovely classroom and all the fabulous things we were busy with.

Children in need

On a Friday we came to school all spotty and stripy. We talked about different ways to support children in need and why we need to do that. We made Pudsey bear masks and learned new words like charity and donation.

Things to remember:

Monday 2:30 pm Library visit – You are very welcome to join us!
Friday reading mornings – 8:45am to 9:00 am.
Our reading practise books need to be returned by Monday. Please make sure that they are in the zippy bags together with tricky words book and reading record.

Isabel Thomas visit – Tuesday 2:15pm
Dressing of the tree and Advent service – Friday 25th of November

Have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – Remembrance day


Hello everyone,
This week the children were thinking a lot about Remembrance day. We talked about the soldiers and the war, about our families and those ones who are not with us any more. We were busy creating a lovely display by painting a poppy in our hands.

In learning through play we had red playdough and black buttons and during our funky fingers we were cutting and putting together paper poppies.

Today we joined a very special assembly and said a prayer with the rest of the school.

In Little Wandle this week we’ve learned 4 new sounds:

Please take some time and practise the new grapheme. Maybe you can think of a CVC word and use them to make some words. If you do please write them on a piece of paper and bring them to school for show and tell.
We are also getting so good at writing and the children are taking any opportunity to write independently or with a support. Have a look yourself:

Please also remember to read with your child. I am pretty sure that they will be very excited to show you their blending skills.
The reading practise books need to be returned by Monday!

Exciting news!!!
Now when we are all settled we would like to invite you to come and read with us. As you probably already know, our brand new library is up and running and we are so excited to borrow books and share them with you. You are very welcome to come and join us every Monday afternoon, just before pick up time, at 2:30pm.
Also every Friday morning we are going to have a very special Reading morning where you can come and read with your child. We will start at 8:45am and promptly finish at 9:00 am.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – Bonfire night


Hello everyone,
I really hope that you had a lovely half term week.
We are now into Autumn 2 term and the children are all settled in, knowing our daily routines, rules and expectations. They were so excited to tell us all about their holidays and the different places they went.

This week it was a firework one! We talked about fireworks, watched some videos and discussed safety. We made fireworks with pipe cleaners, with runny glue and glitter, drew them on a colored paper. Lot’s of fun!

Little Wandle

This week we introduced 3 new digraphs:
ss, ff and ll and also learned a new phoneme

We are very excited to let you know that we’ve been reading books for a very first time. It is a very challenging experience for all of us, but all we need to do is keep on trying and never giving up!
Please check your child’s book bag for a reading book and a letter explaining how to successfully support your child at home. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any concerns.
Would be lovely to see your comments in your child’s reading record, as this would really help us plan further and be aware of any support that is needed. 

In Maths this week we

This week, the children continued to engage with activities that underline the purpose of counting – to find out ‘how many’ objects there are altogether. They reinforced their understanding of cardinality – that the last number in the count tells us ‘how many’ things there are altogether in a set of objects.

A key focus this week was deepening children’s understanding of 5 as a quantity by linking the number itself to the 5 fingers on one hand. The children were also exploring ways to represent numbers to 5 using both their hands.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – Harvest


Can you believe that the children have been in Reception for half a term? It has been very challenging, but also fun, engaging and full of wonderful memories! I would like to thank you all for helping us with smooth transition and supporting us in all we do!

This week it was a good one…. with lot’s of new experiences! We really cracked on with our practise for the Harvest assembly and were very busy collecting leaves for a beautiful Autumn crowns. And then we performed our song in front of so many people. Well done! And guess what…. we even stayed for the whole assembly, listening to all the wonderful songs.
I big thank you for your generous donations!

We also get to practise tennis and a real professional tennis player came to our school showing us how to properly hold the tennis racket and how to balance and dribble the ball.

Please make sure you rest well and have plenty of fun during half term.
In case you are stuck for ideas you can visit this lovely website. There you will find plenty of suggestions for how to have fun and learn at the same time.!50thingstodobefore5/welcome

Can’t wait to hear all about the things you did. Don’t forget that you can also use Tapestry to share and record your your wonderful experiences!

Have a fantastic half term!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – Busy writing!


Hello children and parents!
It’s been another busy week… we were practising our Harvest song, getting ready for next Thursday and can’t wait to see you all in the morning. Please note that the time has now changed and the assembly will take place at 9:15am.
We also planted some hyacinths and daffodils and are taking a good care of them… fingers crossed that they will grow in spring.

We learned 4 new graphemes:

Please spend some time with your children practising our new graphemes. Make sure you check their school bag for a new tricky word book. In the book you will find the first three tricky words that we’ve learned.

We also began to do our first spelling words. We learned how to use our segmenting fingers and segmented CVC words. The children then had to write these words on their boards. We experimented writing on different surfaces like sand, mud, boards…. great writing Reception. Have a look at how we spelled Sam from our favourite story!

In Maths this week the children were encouraged to represent quantities in different ways by using a number of fingers on one hand. So for example four can be 3 and 1, but can also be 2 and 2. We also played a fun bingo game.

Finally, it’s been a pleasure to see all of you yesterday. Thank you for your positive comments and all the support. Please look for your activation Tapestry email!
Can’t wait to see all the fantastic home learning!!!

Harvest Assembly – Thursday 20th of October at 9:15am
Friday Inset Day

Have an amazing weekend!
Looking forward seeing you all on Monday!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – Autumn


This week has been another busy week where we have been thinking about what changes are happening in Autumn. First we went on a very special Autumnal walk and collected lot’s of natural materials like twigs, small seeds, leaves. Then we used our creativity and imagination and created beautiful art. I am very impressed with all the children. They had fantastic ideas… they used small leaves for hair, twigs for arms and legs, seeds for eyes. Have a look yourself 🙂

On Wednesday we had a very, very special celebration. Our lovely school had a birthday!!! We had a fun afternoon with lots of surprises…. disco lights, loud music, musical statues…. and popcorn with film… so much fun!!!

We also planted some very special flowers around the special 60th birthday tree!

In Little Wandle this week we’ve learned these new graphemes and phonemes:

Please remember that it is really important to practise the new sounds with your child. A key part of our reading is encouraging the children to orally blend the sounds, so why don’t you play that game over the weekend:
Can you touch your?
You need to say some phonemes and your child will have to blend them in their head and touch the part of the body you say. For example:
Can you touch your L-E-G?


This week the children were learning how numbers can be composed of 1s and we began to investigate the composition of 3. The children met number 3 and found out all about number 3. We went for a picnic and our 3 Learning friends had to share 3 chairs, 3 pears, 3 plates.

Gentle reminders:
Please remember to book your Parents consultation on Arbour.
We are still collecting various items for Harvest. So any donations would be highly appreciated.
Thank you to those of you that already shared their family photos. We are creating a lovely gallery and the children love looking at the pictures and talking about their families.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Looking forward seeing you all on Monday!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – We love modelling!


What a busy week we’ve had! We were very excited to model on our new ‘Creation table’ and use our imagination to create different things. We’ve had castles, caterpillars, elephants, nests and so much more. We’ve been learning how to join, stick, link, fringe ….
We were also labelling our work, thinking about all the different graphemes we’ve learned so far.

At the end of the week the children voted and please put your hands together for our winners! I wonder who is going to win next week…

Little Wandle
This week we’ve learned 4 new sounds. Please practise the new sounds over the weekend and support your child with their Little Wandle home learning. This will really help them remember the new phonemes and graphemes.

In Maths this week we discussed why counting is as important as subitising. Last week we used subitising to identify the numbers in a set and this week we developed counting skills to enable us to identify how many they are in a set that cannot be subitised.

We also explored all sorts of things that can be counted, including sounds. We sang counting rhymes to support our learning. Why don’t you have a go too:

Have a fantastic weekend!
Looking forward seeing you all on Monday!
Mrs Solakova

Reception – Where the Wild Things Are


What a wild week we’ve had…. someone walked in our classroom and left some footprints on the floor, black fur and a ripped piece of paper…

The intruder also left a sack labelled ‘Sam’s stuff’. Inside the sack we found different things beginning with ‘S’, like sandwiches and strawberries, and also a book…

The book was super mysterious too. Especially when we read only half of it…
The children were thinking about what could happen next, who might be Sam and why he left his sack in Reception.

We will continue reading the story next week and hopefully will find out!

Little Wandle
Thank you so much for supporting your children. I am impressed by how well they are writing their letters and remembering all of them. Great job Reception! The first writing certificates are now ready and will be given on a Monday.
This week we’ve learned 4 new sounds:

We also played lots of blending and sound talking games. Maybe you can have a go at home too.

What’s that noise?
Think about the different sounds the animals make While playing the game instead of saying ‘What noise does the cat make?‘ you can say ‘What noise does the C-A-T make?
Then your child will have to blend the phonemes in their head and make the sound.
Have fun!

In Maths this week, the children were encouraged to quantify sets of objects by subitising, rather than counting. When subitising, children can say how many there are in a small group of objects by ‘just seeing’ and knowing straightaway without needing to count. 

Subitising can be categorised as ‘perceptual’ or ‘conceptual’. Perceptual subitising is used for very small sets of objects (initially up to about 3) and conceptual subitising is used when sub-groups can be perceived within a larger set and the whole is recognised, e.g. if 6 dots are arranged in a dice pattern, children may recognise this as ‘two 3s’ and know this is 6.

The focus for this week was perceptual subitising and the children were subitising up to 3 objects. We met number 1,2 and 3.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Looking forward seeing you all on Monday!
Mrs Solakova