RE in Year Two

Our RE topic for the next four weeks is Spread the Word. 

Key words are: risen resurrection Holy Spirit Ascension witnesses blessing Pentecost promise Good News

As part of this topic, we will think about ‘Why should we spread Good News’?

The children will read from the bible to find out how the women at the tomb were asked to tell the disciples that Jesus has come alive again.  We will hear Jesus’s message that he would give them a special helper called the Holy Spirit and then find out about the effect of the arrival of the Holy Spirit on the disciples at Pentecost as they then went out to spread Jesus’s word on the streets of Jerusalem.

RE home learning

As part of their home learning, the children will think about how they can pass on the Good News that Jesus is alive in each and every one of us.  Read John 14: 18-19 and Acts 2: 1-4 together and talk about how the Holy Spirit helps and guides us.   Attached, is a flower with the phrase ‘Jesus is alive in me’, with a space on a petal for a beautiful, named self-portrait. 

Talk to your child about the different things that they do which show that the Holy Spirit is working through them.  These things can include

  • reading the bible, maybe about the experience of Jesus and the disciples after the resurrection
  • telling other people about the life and message of Jesus
  • examples of how your child follows Jesus’ message to love other people through their actions and service
  • talking about your child’s prayer life and what they pray about
  • talking about ways in which your child contributes to the Common Good by giving time or money to charities so that they can do good works

Through a combination of images and writing, ask your child to fill in each petal with a different way in which they show that Jesus is alive in them.  Please ensure that all handwriting is neat and joined correctly as the flowers will all contribute to a classroom display.

We are looking forward to seeing the finished flowers!