Year Two are great at learning at home

Each term, the children are given a selection of activities to do at home that greatly enhance their learning across the curriculum. The children enjoy sharing this learning with their friends and it is often added to our displays for everyone to see. The Year 2 summer home learning grid has now been published on the Google Classroom and we are looking forward to seeing just how creative the children get this term, too.

Year 2 wish you a very …

The children have had a very spiritual last few days of term while reflecting on each part of Holy Week. As the week has gone by, the children have retold the key events, including Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the washing of the disciples’ feet at The Last Supper and his death on the cross on Good Friday in their own story booklets that they have thoroughly enjoyed illustrating. The children are very proud of their books, which they will finish by writing about Jesus’s resurrection when they return from a well earned Easter break.

The children should be very proud of their Easter gardens that looked tremendous when displayed for everyone to see at the Easter celebration. Here are the photos to prove it!

We all hope that you have a very happy and holy Easter, filled with love, faith and chocolate!

Year 2 Food Technology

This term, we have been learning about the Eatwell plate and what foods go in each food group. We have learned that it is really important to have foods from a variety of food groups in order to eat healthily. We taste tested combinations of ingredients to see what went well together and then designed a wrap that would be tasty and healthy.

We had great fun preparing ingredients for our wraps and learned how to chop foods up with a knife by making a bridge with our hands. Once we had made our wraps, we reviewed them against our success criteria to see just how tasty and healthy they were. We tried to include ingredients from at least three food groups in our wrap and we have found that there are new foods that we will try.

When reviewing the wraps, many of the children said that they were wonderful, tasty, fantastic, delicious and brilliant. Stefan said ‘I loved it so much’ and Teo wrote ‘I’ve never had a wrap that good!’ Well done to the Year 2 chefs who have learned a great skill that they will be able to do at home too.

Year Two poets enjoy the springtime!

Just take a look at our beautiful daffodil cards

Ellis came into school and recited a beautiful poem that he had written himself. Here it is:

Springtime by Ellis

Springtime is nearly here and the sky has become clear.

The sunshine comes out and everyone can play about.

Baby animals are being born at the farm. We go to see them, a super charm!!

The flowers start to grow, some start from seed that we have to sow.

The sunshine helps them and the water does too.

We are happy when the skies are blue

Ellis’s amazing skills as a poet inspired us to write our own poem as a class. We discovered how writing a poem takes time as we brainstormed our imaginative ideas and had to agree on what phrases and ideas would go where in our poem.

Daffodils by Year Two

Daffodils are yellow, sometimes white and they use the sunshine to make them bright.

Beautiful daffodils are wonderful to see.

Sitting beside them makes you happy.

Standing straight like soldiers, all in a row.

Be careful not to step on them, or they will not grow!

Year Two love to read

This week, Year Two celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dressed as their favourite book characters. What an imaginative group of children they are and they look amazing in their outfits. Can you work out the book title that goes with each outfit?

To celebrate their birthdays, children are encouraged to donate a book to school and their reward for this is to come into school in a favourite outfit.

Some very inspiring books to choose from can be found here: Great books for Year 2

We are also promoting books linked to our science curriculum in Year Two and a link to some titles that you might like to choose from can be found below. There are some smashing books on the list and a name plate will be added to the book, so that there is a record of who donated it. Thank you once again, everyone and don’t forget to keep reading!

If that choice is not enough, some wonderful books can also be found here: Year 2 WIshlist

Year 2 care for the environment

Ten years ago, a number of trees were planted around the school grounds by children who are now at least sixteen and these trees are growing really strongly and are much taller than anyone at school! To continue this legacy, an avenue of trees has been planted at the top of the junior playground. They may look small now, but in ten years time, imagine how tall they will have grown!

Year 2 are sculptors

We all love Art and Design here in Year 2 and we have been exploring the artwork of the amazing artist Charles McGee over the last half term. We shared our wonderful sculptures in our class assembly and we are very pleased to present them here, displayed as if they were in an art exhibition!

Year 2 focus on their wellbeing

We all performed brilliantly in our class assembly this week and we are very proud of ourselves. As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, we shared our top tips for how to boost wellbeing and cheer ourselves up when we are feeling down.

Here are our top tips for good wellbeing:

First of all, connect with the people around you. We created a paperchain to show all the things we do that connect us together.

Don’t forget to Be Active: we start each day with a song and dance and we love to run laps around the playground to keep extra fit.

Remember to Give: small acts of kindness are a great way to give to one another. We look out for our friends in the playground and give our clothes to charity to help to raise money.

Take notice: we love to spend time in the great outdoors and we have planted some young trees in the field outside. Over our time at St Adrian’s we will look after these trees and we look forward to seeing them grow.

Finally, don’t forget to Keep Learning. There are so many wonderful things to find out and each day, we love to learn something new!

Year 2 read the bible

Our RE topic over the last four weeks has been all about Books. We have enjoyed reading stories from the bible in both the Old and New Testaments and created beautiful posters about our favourite bible story. Take a look at the slide presentation to see just how proud we are of our posters.

We also enjoyed learning about the baptism of Jesus and acted out the story, once we had created a storymap. After all of this Talk for Learning, we then retold the story of Jesus’s baptism in our own words. We have really enjoyed this topic because we love reading books!

Year 2 get coding

Over the last few weeks, we have been using games, programmable toys and online coding games to explore algorithms. We have created our own algorithms, tried them out, spotted problems and then debugged our programmes to make sure that they work. This has involved lots of mistakes, discussions and problem solving, which has been great fun!