News from Year 1 – show me the money!

It’s been scorching in Year 1 this week and our learning has been on fire too!

We are really enjoying our new book in English, Iggy Peck Architect. We have had fun creating our own structures out of objects around the classroom, just like Iggy! We’re looking forward to continuing the story next week.

In Maths, we have been focusing on money. We have been learning to recognise notes and coins. In an increasingly cashless society, please make sure you remind and show the children these coins and notes regularly. It was great to hear so many of the children had a money box or a piggy bank too.

We ended the week by taking part in the Father’s Day assembly. We really enjoyed performing our class song and taking part in the whole school singing. We also made some ‘tie-rrific’ cards for our dads/male caregivers too.

Have a lovely weekend and happy Father’s Day,

Miss Battams 🙂