26th April – Geography Week

This week we have learnt that we use too much plastic. We have learnt how most of this plastic ends up in our ocean. We have discussed what we can do to change the situation.

We have used objects around the classroom to make arrays in our learning about multiplying.

19th April 2024

Hope you had a great Easter. It has been a busy first week back.

In English we have been looking at non-fiction books.

In Maths we are learning to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Easter Week

Thank you for the wonderful work on the Easter Gardens. They were wonderful to have in the class, albeit for a short time.

How many more minutes?

Last week in Science week, we explored time.

We learnt what we can do in a minute, from how many star jumps to how many times we can write our name.

We looked at the lifecycle of a bee and other cycles of life we see in nature.

We linked all the learning to our Science topic of seasonal changes and learning about the months of the year, which we then shared with our families and the school in our Learning Assembly.

World Book Day

The class came dressed as their favourite “book” characters and we shared books with Year 5 and took part in other fun related book activities, like quizzes.

I have started to refresh the book corner to reflect the changing needs of the class and remind the children of the power of our imagination.

Toy Museum

This week Year One have taken part in a Toys Through Time Workshop. The class played with toys from different eras and made from different materials.

1st December

This week in history, we have been comparing facts about our current monarch King Charles 3rd and James the 1st who was king 500 years ago.

November 10th

We have been looking at Autumn and how the seasons change across the year.

We have also talked about armistice day, remembrance and the significance of poppies.

3rd November 2023

This week we have been learning about part – whole models and writenumber sentences.

We have also learned about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.