PTA Class Reps

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Class Reps for 2023-2024


Victoria Plares 


Emma Smith

Year 1

Natasha Birch & Vanessa Keane

Year 2

Wendy Pereira 

Year 3

Donna Cristofoli & Marie O’Connor

Year 4

Jessica Horwood & Sophie McSweeney

Year 5

Laura Donnellan & Caroline Carey

Year 6

Louise Giles & Colette Madders

Thank you to the above amazing parent Volunteers who have raised their hand to guide all parents through the ins and outs of daily school life. From the various messages we receive from the school office, to PTA invites and requests, class lists and general lost item questions, your Class Rep is there as your first point of call to ask for help.

It’s an especially important role for those who are new to the school. There’s no such thing as a silly question, and your Class Rep might not know the answer either, but they can reach out to the other Class Reps and PTA Volunteers to find out.

The contact details of each Class Rep isn’t published online, but they will be in touch, if not already to invite all parents to a Whatsapp or Facebook group to keep the conversation flowing.

Please email if you have any questions.