Switch Off Fortnight 2019

The key highlights from our campaign:

  • We took part in Switch Off Fortnight on Monday 18th November 2019 – Friday 29th November 2019
  • The campaign was led by the Eco Warriors and 229 children took part
  • More than 1415 schools joined in with us!
  • Switch Off Fortnight campaigns took place in countries as far away as Malta, Norway, Italy, China, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Canada and the US!


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  • In our first survey, we found that 154 lightbulbs were left on and 104 of devices were on or on standby.
  • In our second survey, we found that 107of lights were left on and 29 of devices were on or on standby.
  • This means, we have saved 7.71kWh of energy per day.
  • So, in the 10 days we took part, we saved 77.1kWh of energy!
  • If we carried on over the year, we would save 1503kWh of energy!

BUT, we’re not done yet… we can keep remembering to turn off our devices/lights when they’re not used. You can also try this at home.

Could you try a ‘No Electricity Day’ at home? Let an Eco Warrior know if you do.

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