Nursery – 03.05.2024

The caterpillars have grown over the course of the week and this morning when the children came in, they were excited to see that one caterpillar is now in full cocoon stage so we just need to wait for the others to do the same. Hopefully by the time we come back after the Bank Holiday we will have 5 cocoons and we can move them into the net.

In maths this week we have been looking at capacity and using the words such as ‘full’. ’empty’, ‘nearly full’ and ‘nearly empty’.

At the beginning of the week enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine.

On Wednesday in RE we continued to think about how Jesus sent his new friend, the Holy Spirit who is our friend who helps and guides us. We cannot see the wind but we can feel it, in the same way we cannot see the Holy spirit. We made our own flags to and talked about how the wind will lift the kite and will help it to fly. We will try and get outside next week to fly them when we have a windy day.

Other photos this week

Important Dates

Monday 6th May – Bank Holiday, School closed.

Wednesday 8th May – Class Photos

Friday 17th May – no reading morning

Friday 17th May – Pentecost Party 9:15 – 10:15

Half term – Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May

Friday 14th June – No reading morning

Friday 14th June – Fathers Day Assembly 09:00 – Parents invited

Friday 21st June – No reading morning

Friday 21st June – Reception Class Assembly

Saturday 29th June – PTA Summer Fair

Tuesday 2nd July – EYFS Sports Day

Thursday 11th July – Transition Day

Have a lovely long weekend

Miss Taylor

26th April – Geography Week

This week we have learnt that we use too much plastic. We have learnt how most of this plastic ends up in our ocean. We have discussed what we can do to change the situation.

We have used objects around the classroom to make arrays in our learning about multiplying.

Year 2 care for their environment

We have been learning about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment as part of our learning in science and geography this year. We read a very interesting book called A Planet Full of Plastic by Neal Layton and you can find out more by watching his great video.

We are all stewards of the world around us and we have enjoyed litter picking in the school playground to ensure that it is safe for us and the animals that we share it with. We have learned a great song reminding us ‘Don’t drop litter, put it in the bin. Let’s keep our playground tidy, neat and clean so don’t drop litter, put it in the bin’. If you see one of us in passing, we will be very happy to sing it to you.

As part of our learning about plastic pollution, we have learned that the most important thing to do is to try and reduce the amount of plastic that we use, especially single use plastic and we are very pleased to use a refillable drinks bottle everyday and make sure that our daily snack comes in a plastic re-useable pot, rather a new plastic wrapper or bag every day. We can all do our own bit to help this precious planet. Remember …

Reception – Earth day!


Dear parents and children,
This week we discussed some very important matters, including how to reduce the use of plastic, how to look after our planet and what we can do to help. We’ve been reading a story called ‘The tale of the toothbrush’. The story of Sammy and Sophia really helped the children to understand the impact their choices have on our planet: 

We’ve been doing lots of activities around that book and the children built a bank of ideas on how and why we must reduce the use of plastic. They had different ideas and strategies: 

When you go shopping you need to bring your own bag.
Recycle your plastic making sure it goes into the correct bin.
Bring your own reusable bottle and don’t buy plastic bottles from the shop. 
Buy loose fruit and  vegetables instead of wrapped ones. 

We also discussed ways to reuse plastic just like Sofia did. She reused Sammy the toothbrush to clean her shoes and brush her doll’s hair. We even displayed our ideas and made labels for each one.

At the end of the week we all went around the school for litter picking. Unfortunately there was so much litter…. we collected 4 full buckets, but lots more was left behind. The children were able to understand the importance of recycling and how important is to keep our streets clean from plastic.

In Little Wandle this week we’ve been reading CVCC words like nest, best, gift etc. We also learnt 4 new tricky words. These have been added to your child’s orange book.

In Maths this week, the children became more familiar with numbers beyond 10 and the pattern (stable order) of numbers to 20 and beyond. They also focused on seeing the pattern of ten and 4 more, ten and 5 more, ten and 6 more, and so on. They played lots of games linked with counting and recognising numerals like bingo and adding counters to two ten frames. They were able to build 15, 16, 17 etc, by adding 10 counters to the first ten frame and 5, 6, 7 more to the second ten frame.

Great learning this week Reception!
You all deserve a special certificate!!!

Dates to remember:
Friday 3rd May – No Reading Morning
Friday 3rd May – Crowning of Mary Assembly at 09:05 – Parents are welcome to attend

Monday 6th May – Bank Holiday

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs Solakova

Looking up and down and all around…

As geographers, this is what year 4 have been doing this week. Geography is about the interaction of humans with their physical environment, local and global. Year 4 has considered the global perspective through exploring “Plastic vs Planet” and the local one by doing field-survey on litter – plastic and non-plastic – round the school. The children found out that the amount of plastic litter really affects the environmental quality of an area. We discussed how the quantity of plastic we use on a daily basis can be reduced. There was some shock at the quantity and type of litter left in the area, particularly as some of it came from a very popular local fast food outlet! This led to an interesting discussion about how necessary fast food is. Due to the children’s loathing of cigarette butt litter, the conversations took in the piece of news that this generation of children will not be able to purchase cigarettes legally. Such is the range of discussion in human geography when cross-curricular discussion is encouraged and we step outside the school gates. The children’s behaviour was excellent on our journey round the school and they loved seeing the school from different perspectives, piecing together their various memories of different walks over time.

The children chose images of the local area to represent what they saw. The photos are realistic rather than clasically pretty!

Back at school, the children worked well together to present the data using Google Charts. They wrote reports on what they had done, what they found out, their conclusions and recommendations.

Nursery – 26.04.2024

As part of Geography week this week we looked at and talked about what happens when plastic (and of course all rubbish) ends up in the rivers, lakes and oceans and what can happen to the sea life that live there. We took part in an activity where we had to remove all the plastic from the water tray.

We went back into the hall this week for PE and had a great time playing parachute games.

We continued our work on the hungry caterpillar this week and are keeping an eye on the caterpillars as they get bigger. We made some smoothies using the food from the book.

In RE we learnt that the word ‘Alleluia’ is the Church’s special Easter word meaning ‘Praise God!’ and we made a flag using the Pentecostal colours.

Other photos this week:

Important Dates

Friday 3rd May – No Reading Morning – Crowning of Mary Assembly at 09:05 – Parents Welcome

Bank Holiday, school closed – Monday 6th May

Friday 17th May – No Reading Morning

Pentecost Party – Friday 17th May 9:15 – 10:15

Half term – Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Taylor

Year Two get creative

As part of our learning in Art and Design, we have been exploring butterflies in art. We explored the artwork of milliner, Philip Treacy who created a tremendous headpiece filled with butterflies made out of painted turkey feathers.

We were inspired by Philip Treacy’s artwork and had a go for ourselves. Just look at our wonderful class creation!

Year 3: Geography Week

At the beginning of the week, we celebrated Earth day, reflecting on the things we’re grateful for on our planet. We also created pledges to protect it.

We began our new geography topic, which explores Europe and North America. We have linked this to our English work, where we have been developing our speeches about  plastic consumption and how we can preserve our planet.  We used our geography skills to analyse data to find out which country had the highest plastic usage. 

Life on a plastic planet with Year Six

This week, we have celebrated Earth Day and explored the theme of ‘Planet vs Plastics’.

As part of our geography week, we have used our field-work skills to conduct a survey of packaging in our packed lunches. Our analysis of this data has shaped our thinking on what we can practically do at St Adrian’s to reduce our plastic waste.

In English, we have learnt more about the issues facing our planet, reading Georgia Amson-Bradshaw’s book ‘Plastic Planet’. We are putting this expertise to good use as we combine it with what we have learnt through our field-work to prepare speeches for the school council’s ‘Talk It Out’ competition.

We have also shared our knowledge by creating a class website in Computing to share some of the issues that we face living in an increasingly ‘plastic planet’.

In other learning, we have enjoyed exploring light in science, using our understanding of reflection to make periscopes.

Reception – First week back!


Welcome everyone to Summer term!
I really hope that you’ve enjoyed your Easter holiday and are ready for another busy term. We have lots of exciting adventures planned and I am really looking forward to the wonderful learning in the coming weeks!
We began a new project this week, a sensory garden full of scented and colourful plants. In there you can smell different spices like rosemary and curry!

In Little Wandle this week we revisited everything learnt in Spring 2, therefore no new sentences/tricky words will be added to your childs orange book.
In your childs book bag you will find the new summer home learning grid. Please choose at least three of the activities and once ready, share them with us. We can’t wait to see them!!!

In Maths the children focused on the concept of 3-D shapes and their properties. We already explored some of the properties of these shapes earlier when sorting
objects that are 3-D, looking at 2-D shapes, however this week we were naming the 3-D shapes and discussed how we know that that a shape is 3-D, and not 2-D. We explored the idea of flat faces and curved surfaces in activities such as printing and rolling/sliding the shapes down a ramp. We also learnt how to see the 2-D shapes within the 3-D shapes.

The children also embedded their learning by going on a 3-D shape around the school! They found lots of cubes, cuboids and spheres, however the pyramids and cones were trickier to spot.

Pentecost – Good news. In this new theme the children will learn about the gift of the Holy Spirit and serving as a way of life. They will explore what we mean by Good news and know that everyone at times will have good news to share. They will appreciate their own good news, talk about how they feel when they have good news to share and celebrate the good news that they hear from other children and adults. These experiences will lay the foundation to help children understand the Good News that Christians celebrate at Easter – that Jesus is alive!
This week we read ‘The jolly postman’:

We discussed how it feels when we hear good news and then talked about good news we can share with each other. Have a look at some of the wonderful examples:

Dates to remember:
Friday 26th April – Reading morning
Friday 26th April (PM) – Litter picking

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Solakova