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Mrs Yvonne Hawkes
Head Teacher

Mrs. Janet Flint
School Secretary

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Our Mission

Within the love of God our Father, we seek to be a welcoming community, where each person is valued and enabled to grow, where gifts are nurtured, differences treasured and all are cared for. Living, Loving and Learning together in a rapidly changing world, we believe our school is a sign of God’s Kingdom of Love, allowing each of us to move confidently into the future with a zest for knowledge, following the path of Jesus in truth and justice and at peace with God and one another.

And so, as a community of children, staff, parents and governors, we strive:

  • To develop and sustain a sense of God’s presence in our lives.
  • To develop self confidence and independence, with a sense of worth and self-esteem.
  • To recognise and value all people with their diversity of gifts, cultures and faiths.
  • To have consideration for others, learning to work together with a sense of social responsibility and compassion.
  • To help everyone to feel valued and confident as an individual and part of a loving community.
  • To promote a zest for learning and a passion for life’s opportunities.
  • To become the best that we can be personally and academically.

To Learn, To Love, To Live
As a community of God with Christ as our teacher

Written in liaison with the children, parents, staff and governors.


Welcome to St Adrian’s Catholic Primary school website.

Our school Mission Statement, ‘To Learn, To Love, To Live’ embodies the life and work of our school.

At St Adrian’s we work together as a vibrant and thriving community where faith and learning go hand in hand.  Together with our partnership with parents and parish, we aim to provide the best possible standards of education in a supportive Catholic Christian environment.  Our courteous and well-behaved children speak with enthusiasm and confidence about their learning and are proud to be active members of our school community. They enjoy a broad range of activities and opportunities supported by staff who value their individuality and help to build their resilience. You are very welcome to come and visit us because that’s the best way to see what we are doing; meet our delightful children and learn about the significant improvements that have taken place recently.

I am privileged and proud  to be the headteacher at St Adrian’s, a place where hearts and minds are nurtured and lifetime friendships are forged.

I look forward to meeting you.

Yvonne Hawkes
Head Teacher