Science week in Year 6

This week, as part of our science topic, Light, Year 6 have learnt about the work of Sir Isaac Newton.

In 1666, Newton made a discovery about light that led him to develop his Theory of Colour, a theory that still informs our understanding of light today. He placed a prism in front of ray of light, and his observations were incredible.

We worked together to replicate Newton’s discoveries in class. Isaac Newton realised that although light looks white, it is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow. When these colours merge together, it looks white to our eyes, but we can use a prism to separate the different colours of the spectrum using refraction.

Year 6 Mother’s Day song

Please step away from this page if you are not in Year 6.

If you are in Year 6, welcome!

Use the embedded PowerPoint to learn our Mother’s Day song. We need to know it ‘by heart’ as we won’t have the words for the assembly on Friday.

Have fun (and practise sotto voce!)

Year Six begin their journey through Lent

We are now in the church season of Lent. For Christians, Lent is a time of solemn reflection as we seek the Lord in prayer; we serve by giving alms; and we practice self-control through fasting. We joined the wider church family at Mass on Wednesday for the imposition of the ashes: a sign of our penance and a reminder of our own mortality.

Back in school, we reflected on how we can bring our lives closer to God during the season of Lent, ready to share in the joy of the promise of new life at Easter.

We made Lenten promises, remembering that we are called, not only to give up luxuries, but to make our lives better by following Christ more faithfully. We wrote our promises and sealed them in golden envelopes on our RE display.

Well being week in Year 6

Looking after ourselves is really important. It is also important to remember that we are surrounded by a network of people who are always looking out for us: our families, friends and adults at school.

This week, we have had a great time taking part in the Taskmaster Education Treasure Hunt. Each day we have completed different challenges and worked together to solve the clues: we’ve invented new games, created portraits from things found outside and fashioned inspirational hats.

We also took part in a carousel of activities working with our house teams: Mr Hayes taught us a morris dance. Everyone has good days and less-good days, but we learnt that there are lots of things we can do to make us feel good and that we are surrounded by people who we can talk to and ask for help.

Year 6 enjoy Electric Umbrella

We all enjoyed a great afternoon yesterday with Electric Umbrella – an organisation that creates amazing live music experiences with learning disabled people, and in doing so, helps to change the way the world looks at them – and others.

Through song and dance – and a record-breaking number of high-fives – we learnt the value of singing as if no-one is listening, dancing as if no-one is watching, give as if no-one is counting and laughing as if no-one is judging.

This Sunday is Racial Justice Sunday. Following an assembly led by our chaplaincy team, we shared and reflected upon Kwame Alexander’s poem, ‘The Undefeated’, a reminder that we all have the power to affect the change that we want to see in the world.

Year Six investigate…

In our science learning this week, Year Six investigated the affect of exercise on our heart beat. We had fun finding our pulse and measuring our pulse rate before and after exercise. Not only did we find out that exercise causes our hearts to beat faster, we plotted the time taken for our pulse rate to recover. We also used our scientific understanding to explain why our healthy bodies need our hearts to pump faster during exercise.

We supersized our art work this week, continuing our learning about Michelangelo’s David, but this time working in charcoal.

Year Six get arty

Year Six are back in to the swing of the new term, and what a busy term it promises to be.

It is good to see the children working every day to learn more and respond to the teaching and support we are able to give them in school.

In our Relationships and Health lessons this term, the children are looking forward to learning about themselves, their bodies and their health. We began by reminding ourselves that each one of us is creared and loved by God. Take a look at some of our self-portraits we drew as we thought about this.

In Art, we are learning about some of the significant artists of the Rennaisance. We have used images of Michelangelo’s David to inspire and develop our own sketching and drawing skills.

In RE, our theme for our first topic of this term is Sources. We are learning more about the Bible, but began by reflecting on how so many kinds of book enrich our lives.

Happy Christmas, Year Six!

Happy Christmas to you all!

Thank you so much for your kindness, Christmas wishes and gifts. It is very much appreciated. 

I hope that you and your families have a wonderful Christmas, fully of health and happiness. 

Enjoy your Christmas holidays, have a rest, be really helpful at home and read lots of good books. 

See you in 2023!

Mr Hayes