Y6 Parent Meeting

A reminder that the year 6 parent information meeting will be on Tuesday 19th September at 9am.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Y6 Carnival Masks

As part of our geography topic on Brazil, children will be designing and making their own masks/headpieces following the theme of carnival. In lesson time, we have explored the key themes of a Brazilian carnival and children have had the opportunity to analyse example masks/headpieces and their use of vibrant colours. On Tuesday, they were informed that over the course of the week, they need to bring in materials to make their masks/headpieces. Materials could include, feathers, gems, coloured card or cardboard. They will be making their masks during lesson time on Monday, therefore children need to bring in their resources for Monday 18th September. 

Y6 Mr Bedford’s and Mrs May’s English homework

English homework 8th September 2017. Due 13th September.

We have revised word classes and some grammatical terms this week. For your homework I would like you to create and complete a table like the one below.

Word class/ grammatical term


An example sentence

Fronted adverbial


I have included a link to our Year 6 Grammar Glossary. You should look through this and see how many of the terms, which are marked as Year 1 -5, you understand. Come to class on Wednesday with questions for us  to use as a base for revising.



Yr 6 Maths Homework Mr Bedford’s and Mrs May’s Groups

Maths homework 8th September 2017. Due 13th September.

This week you have completed some tasks from Youcubed Week of Inspirational maths https://www.youcubed.org/week-inspirational-math/.

We began by looking at unusual ways we could shade half a square. Here are some examples. Remember half the area is shaded and the red and white parts occupy an equal area. Halves can be do not need to be symmetrical.

In your homework books create a series of squares. Make them large enough to shade; say 10 x10. Then design your own representations of unusual halves. Write a brief explanation underneath to convince me that the shaded area is one half. Try three or four designs. Remember it is more challenging to do the unusual rather than the simple representation of a half.

For an extension you might like to get some other coloured pencils and show quarters.

As Youcubed give all their resources free they would like us to feed back on the week. Take the survey at:


For those of you who enjoyed the straight line cut investigation here is a link to more fold and cut ideas.


I would love to see some of your efforts.