Y3 and Y4 Swimming

Some of the children will be working on their life-saving skills in swimming this week and have been asked by their swimming teachers to bring in pyjamas for their lesson.

Thank you!

Fluency Teaser

Thank you to everyone who had a go at our first fluency teaser. Lots of you came up with fantastic ways to give yourself a better chance of winning!

If you didn’t manage to have a go, follow the link below and enjoy!


Thank you to Katy in Year 5 for coming up with a strategy to better your chances of winning: leaving the bigger numbers to your opponent. Do you agree? Why not give it go!

Our second ‘Fluency Teaser’ is a wonderful activity called ‘Shape Times Shape’. See how good your working mathematically skills are by following the link and solving the problem.

Send any solutions to Mr Sallis.



Click the link to take you to the problem!

This week we got a range of solutions from across key stage 2.

Thank you Alice in year 3 for this solution.
And Natalie in Year 4 for this.
And some particularly good reasoning by Adam R in Year 5.

We’ve been sharing stories!

We’ve been celebrating World Book Day this week with special assemblies where teachers have taken it in turns to share favourite stories or poems with the children in their key stage.

We hope that the stories we share will inspire the children to read on and read the books for themselves or find other stories by those authors.

We will list the books we have share on this page.


  • Mr Hayes (whole school):
    • Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, from Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl
  • Mrs Hayes (key stage one):
    • Mrs Wobble the Waitress by Allan Ahlberg
    • All Join In by Quentin Blake
  • Mr Hayes (key stage two):
    • The Rise of Wolves by Kerr Thomson


  • Mrs Teixeira (key stage one)
    • Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen
    • Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg
  • Miss Costello (key stage two)
    • Little House in the Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder


  • Mrs Ruffell (key stage one)
    • The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  • Mr Sallis (key stage two)
    • ‘Infinity and Me’ written by Kate Hosford and illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska
How would you describe infinity to Uma?

Fluency Teaser

Welcome to our first ‘Fluency Teaser ‘ of the year.  Fluency is one of the key aims of the primary mathematics curriculum. Try the activity at the link below at home to give you lots of opportunities to recall addition and subtraction facts as well as some conjecturing and convincing too!


What will your strategy for winning be?

Hand in any examples of the work you complete to Mr Sallis or your class teacher so that we can choose some to share on our fluency blog! 

Art competition

An exciting competition is taking place across the county.  The task is to:

Create a piece of artwork entitled ‘The Bread of Life’.

Encourage your child to think about what the blessed sacrament, the Eucharistic host, means to them and then create a piece of artwork reflecting their thoughts.  The artwork needs to be A4 in size and can be created using any medium, including paint, collage or printing.  Please label the back of the artwork with your child’s name and year group and return to your class teacher by 9th November.

More details can be found here: