News from Year 1 – volume, capacity and Judaism!

What a varied week we’ve had in Year 1 this week. We started the week by focusing on volume and capacity. We really enjoyed experimenting with different containers and lots of coloured water, describing and comparing the capacity of each container using words such as ’empty’, ‘full’, ‘half full’, ‘less than’ and ‘more than’. Keep a close eye out for different containers around your house, describing and comparing their capacity.

We ended the week by learning about Judaism. We had a special workshop to learn about Moses and the Exodus. We also carried on the learning back in the classroom to understand how Moses became the leader of the Israelites. To understand the Exodus story, we also got to try some unleavened bread and dress up like Moses and the Israelites.

Have a relaxing weekend,

Miss Battams 🙂