News from Year 3 – St Joseph Day!

To celebrate the Year of the Word of St Joseph, we dedicated a Friday to learn all about his life. We started the day with an excellent assembly by Mrs Hayes and then used meditation to think about the times when we have been kind and caring, and have listened to God just like Joseph.

We then looked at Joseph’s life in more detail, to understand why he is known for being the patron Saint of workers and families. We then ordered and drew the different events in his life using a story board.

We also created our own prayers for St Joseph, asking him to care for our families as he did for his own family, Mary and Jesus. To round off our learning of St Joseph, we created hand pint lilies. These flowers symbolise purity and that Joseph was chosen from among other men by the blossoming of his staff like a lily.

Have a restful weekend,

Miss Battams and Ms McCarthy 🙂