Nursery – Shapes, shapes, shapes

It was lovely to see so many of you back to Nursery. The children were full of Christmas stories and festive experiences. A big thank you for your Tapestry observations. I really appreciate all the home learning you are doing with your children. It is lovely to see all the videos and pictures you are posting.

This week we were busy learning shapes. We began with a lovely shape song. You can have a go too:

The shapes were all around the classroom. We had shape molds in the sand, printed shapes on the art table and shape roads in our small world area. The children did so well naming different shapes, counting sides and corners and noticing them around the classroom and outside area. Well done everybody…

Funky fingers:

We popped packing bubble wrap and were listening carefully to hear the POP!!! We practiced our name writing and even did lovely WOOSH!!! We did patterns using small mosaic… Great effort!

Letters and sounds:

This week the children played different Alliteration games like I spy and Bertha goes to the Zoo. Why don’t you have a go too:

Bertha goes to the zoo:

Set up a small toy zoo animals in a bag and a toy bus, and join your child as they play with it. Chant the following rhyme and allow your child to draw an animal out of the bag and add an animal name to the list of animals spotted at the zoo. “Bertha the bus is going to the zoo, Who does she see as she passes through? … A pig, a panda, a parrot and a polar bear.”

Religious education:

We’ve been reading the story of Simeon and Anna. Here is the link if you want to watch again at home:

We role played the story using story puppets and the children were so good retelling it. We talked about baby Jesus as a very special baby and how Jesus is presented by his parents at the temple, and noticed by Simeon and Anna. Jesus is the light of the World ! Jesus is the savior of the world! To support our learning we did lovely candles, using gems and shiny paper.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Solakova