Nursery – Home Learning 07.01.2021

Good morning Nursery!

I really hope you enjoyed the activities from yesterday. Big thank you for sharing your home learning with me on Tapestry! It’s lovely to see the children so engaged and motivated to try new things.

Here is today’s home learning:

Physical education:

Washing machine

Place some items such as jumpers or teddies on top of a small sheet or blanket. Ask your child to hold the blanket (while a sibling or mummy/daddy are holding the other end) and listen carefully for the instructions. Your child must act like the washing machine and walk round in a circle, you can call instructions such as ‘faster’, ‘slower’, or ‘change direction (stops the child getting too dizzy) After the clothes have been washed the child have to then tumble dry them. This can be done by encouraging your child to softly bounce the clothes on the blanket.

Letters and Sounds:

Digging for treasure

You will need a pack of old rice or pasta/sand/kinetic sand, shredded paper should work too. You will also need to collect two sets of objects. Each set must have names beginning with the same initial sound. Choose initial sounds for each set that sound very different from one another ( e.g. ‘a’ and ‘p’ or ‘s’ and ‘o’). Bury the objects in preparation for the session. As your child uncover the treasure, group the objects by initial sound and each time another is added recite the content of that set: WOW! You’ve found a car. Now we have a cup, a cow, a candle and a car.

Rhyme of the week:

You can sing the song with your child and later on you can make some finger puppets to make to even more fun.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

Mrs Solakova