This week in Year 1

What beautiful Advent wreaths the children have created. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into them.

The children worked so hard finishing our English text Mr Big. The sequence finished by writing a letter from the perspective of Mr Big, focusing on joining two single clause sentences with ‘and’. I have noticed a huge improvement in everyone’s handwriting and the pride they are taking in their work.

We have been focusing again on Adding Numbers to 20 following Maths No Problem. We have been using the method of grouping 10 then adding the remainder. To support their understanding I demonstrated how to show Dienes to show Tens and Ones.

My phonics group have started to learn the five split digraphs. This week we have been learning ‘a_e’ and ‘e_e’. We have been noticing which spelling patterns we can use to support our spellings.

Mrs Ruffell’s group have been practising, ‘oo'(book), ‘oo'(moon) ‘ai’. The emphasis has been on writing words using these sounds.

Next weeks challenges are:

After Christmas, I shall be adding another challenge to support the children’s learning further.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Miss Perry