Reception – Playing maths games

I thought it may be useful to share some games that you could play with your child whilst at home in this lockdown period.

Our current maths focus is subitising – up to the number 6.  Subitising is seeing how many are there without counting. This help develops calculation strategies when your child is older.

Many games encourage subitising so at home teaching your child to play games will support subitising. Dominoes, snap, rolling multiple dice to show the same value, are all good games to support subitising. 

Traditional board games, such as Snakes and ladders, Ludo etc. are great for counting and encourage children to rehearse the order of the numbers and match each number to an action. 

You may wish to try the following game at home :


Once your child has identified two dice that are the same value.  Put those dice to one side, roll the remaining dice and keep repeating until you have all the dice the same value.

To extend your child’s learning begin to identify ‘same’, ‘more’ or ‘less’ when subitising. 

Here is another activity you could try at home.

It would be great to see any games played at home on your child’s learning journal – Tapestry.  The children always enjoy sharing their home activities with their friends.

Wishing you a safe, wonderful weekend

Nicola Palmer