Nursery – Remembrance day and Children in need

It’s the end of another busy week in Nursery! We learnt interesting facts about Remembrance day, we talked about Baptism, we had a dress up day on a Friday!!! I must say that your spots were the best!

We began the week by watching a short BBC video about poppies. We talked about why we wear poppies and the children could choose between different activities like painting a poppy, making poppy card, modelling poppy with a playdough. You can have a go watching the video too:

We also made individual poppies to help us remember.

The children worked really hard and created an amazing ‘Harvest’ display. They used pasta to decorate the wheat, popping corn to make the corn, real apples to stamp on the apple tree. Have a look too…

Children in need:

The children really enjoyed coming to school dressed up in their spotty outfits. We did a little costume competition and guess what: everybody won!!!

Thank you for bringing to school your Baptism pictures, candles, blankets. It’s been lovely sharing them with the rest of the children.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Solakova