Nursery – Getting ready for Christmas!

Christmas has arrived to Nursery!!!

When we arrived on a Monday morning we discovered that someone has been very busy over the weekend and decorated our lovely Nursery classroom. We think that Father Christmas sent his elves to our school….

The children really enjoyed Santa’s workshop and were very busy wrapping presents and writing name tags. We used scissors, cello tape and wrapping paper, string and paper bags. It was lovely to see the children engaged in those activities and share their own Christmas experiences.

Funky fingers activities:

This week we were busy making purple paper chains and decorating the classroom in purple. This activity is great for straightening our finger muscles and getting them ready for writing.

Our writing table was very, very busy. Everyone loved cutting, sticking and decorating Christmas cards. The children were trying really hard to hold the pen the correct way. Well done Nursery!

Talk for writing:

I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear the children retelling ”The enormous turnip”. They are doing really well and today we made our first story map. The story map will help us remember the story better. Next week the children will draw their own story maps.

The Nativity

We have done a lot of practising of our Nativity songs. We can’t wait for you to see them! The children are learning to sing loud, but not screaming and we also practised doing different actions while singing. On a Monday I will send letter confirming your child’s role and what clothes you will have to provide.

Letters and Sounds:

This week we have been using our loud and quiet voices to find Santa. He was lost and we had to help him. It’s a lovely game and you can have a go too:

One child (the rescuer) is taken aside while Santa is hidden somewhere in the room (you can play outside too). The other children/players are going to guide the rescuer to Santa by singing louder as the rescuer gets closer, or quieter as the rescuer moves further away from Santa. We sang ”We wish you a Merry Christmas”, but you can use any soft toy/song you like. Have fun!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs Solakova