News from Year 3

What a busy week it has been in Year 3 this week! We started the week with creating a key worker from recycled materials (thank you very much for your donations!). Our policeman looked instantly recognisable with his high-vis vest but keeping the sculpture standing was the tricky part. With a lot of patience, team work and tape, we were able to create a free standing sculpture of a policeman!

It was also Anti-Bullying Week this week but we focused on being kind and spreading kindness. We started by creating a kindness jar, writing anonymous acts of kindness we had seen in the class. We also wrote something kind about a member of the class. When sharing these reasons for kindness, it made us feel warm and fuzzy, we decided it was best to always be as kind as possible. We also wrote kind notes to ourselves and shared them as a class too.

It was also Faith Week this week, focusing on Sikhism. We started by concentrating on the symbol for Sikhism, a khanda. We then created our own symbols to represent our beliefs and who we are as people. Next, we looked at the inside of a gurdwara and focused on the importance of the Gura Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy book. Our final lesson involved focusing on langar, the free vegetarian meal served at gurdwaras. We learnt everyone sits on the floor for langar as everyone is equal. This was based on a story of Guru Nanak’s, which we acted out in groups using role play.

It has been such a busy week but we look forward to starting our learning about Advent next week.

Have a restful weekend,

Miss Battams 🙂