UPDATE – Online Safety advice for families during lockdown

During this time of lockdown it’s highly likely that your child will be spending time online with their devices, perhaps more than they were before. Children will be going online for school work, to keep in touch with friends, to play games and to explore new things. Being online can be a very positive experience but as always we need to be aware of the risks too, which is why we published a link to our Online Safety Resources Guide at the beginning of the school closure. This remains a great place to find links to the main websites providing parent and carer advice on matters of online use and safety.

However, as new articles and information are being added all the time, here are some links to help keep you up to date on the latest advice and tips:

Coronavirus – stay at home! And look after your online health! (from Parent Info)

Learning about online safety at home (from Think U Know)

Online safety activities for the whole family (from Be Internet Legends)

*NEW RESOURCE – added 7th May 2020* Parent Resource Hub (from The Key – this resource is not available publicly so use this link – contains safety factsheets for specific apps like TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat etc. and an interactive guide to setting parental controls on devices).