Year 5 Home Learning

Please find attached this week’s home learning tasks.

The children have their grammar activity already pasted into their books but I have attached a copy here for reference.

Agreement Between Nouns, Pronouns and Nouns

This week’s reading comprehension is all about what the Aztecs ate at mealtimes.  Please note,  children will need to write complete sentence answers to sections A and B in their books.

I have decided to make section C optional this week.

Reading Comprehension Y5 – Task 3


For mathematics, Mr Bedford and I have set our respective groups their homework on my maths.  My group were given reminders of their login details earlier this week.


Have a nice weekend,



Year 5 Autumn week 3

Another lovely week has gone by at St Adrian’s topped by the Mercy Mass and a picnic in the gorgeous sunshine.

Earlier this week, in English,  we have been thinking about how King Arthur felt when he first met the loathly lady.  The children did a freeze-frame in order to really empathise with the characters.



We have also been looking at Roman numerals in maths.  We all enjoyed a bit of Roman Numeral Bingo although catch phrases such as ‘sweet XVI’  and           ‘ Key of the door – XXI’   probably won’t catch on as well as their Arabic numeral counterparts.


Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend,

Mr Creaton

Nursery role play

This week in nursery we have had many role play opportunities. Role play is an active, social activity, allowing children to explore, investigate and experiment. It encourages children to express their ideas and feelings, develops communication and language skills and sparks creativity and imagination.
As lots of us had new school shoes we decided to create a shoe shop in class. Children took on the role as both customer and shop worker. We measured feet, matched shoes into pairs and wrote out receipts!
We also had a tea and coffee station with different flavour tea bags and ground coffee (and of course cold water). This allowed the children to explore using their different senses. There were lots of conversations with children getting into character! I was served many delicious cups of tea and coffee this week!




Year 1 get sorting

This week, the children have been exploring their hair colour and sorting themselves into groups.  This can be quite tricky when you can’t see your hair unless you are looking in a mirror!

We look forward to seeing you at tomorrow’s Mercy Mass (11am) which will be followed by a picnic.

Next Friday 29th September is Fitness Day at St. Adrian’s.  The children will bring home their PE clothes on Monday, so that they can come into school wearing them on the Friday for all the fitness focussed learning.  It would be great if you could ensure that these PE clothes are returned on the following Monday (2nd October) ready for your child’s PE lesson.