Foundation Stage Religious Education: Myself – Family

Our RE topic for the beginning of this term is:    Myself – Family 

Core Vocabulary:   myself, name, Christian, first name, family name, class name, precious, God, love, prayer

This topic fits nicely into our first few weeks in Reception or Nursery.  We will be learning to make friends and know everyone’s name through circle games and craft activities.  The children will also learn that we are all God’s children; God knows and loves each person by name.   

Isaiah 43 1:2

God says:

You are precious to me.
I love you.
I know your name.
I call you by your name.
You are my child.

Home Learning

Send a photo into school showing your child with their family. If the photo shows your child being cuddled, this would be great although not essential.  We will be talking about how children feel safe and snug when they are with their family and relating this to God’s love for us all.

Copies that do not need to be returned would be appreciated.  We plan to use the photos for a class displays. An electronic copy can be emailed to the School Office for printing at school if you prefer.

Photos are required by Thursday 24 September 2020.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Palmer – Foundation Stage Leader

Nursery – Graduation party!

I would just like to take this time to say THANK YOU for such an amazing year. I could not have asked for a better children (and parents 🙂 ) !!! We laughed, we sang, we explored, we created, we grew! I’m so glad I was given to get to know all of you.

THANK YOU for your lovely presents! We were overwhelmed with your gifts and kind messages!

I wish you a wonderful summer full of adventures and smiles!!! Can’t wait to see you all in September!!!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Fair Trade

Another exciting week in nursery! We talked about sharing and the importance of being kind and helpful. We learned interesting facts about fair trade products and where they grow.

Religious education:

This week we made a lovely ‘Everyone shares God’s world’ banner. The children really enjoyed the activity and I think they did an amazing job.

We talked about how we depend on other countries to ‘share’ with us different products like coffee, tea, bananas, cocoa powder, cotton and flowers. We also did a lovely sharing activity, using Fair trade bananas. It was 10 of us, but we only had 5 bananas, so we decided to give half a banana each.

The children learned how to look for Fair trade products and how to recognise the logo. Some of the children had some brilliant ideas:

  • ‘I am going shopping with mummy today and will buy fair trade bananas.’
  • ‘When i go home today I will check if the tea is fair trade.

Letters and Sounds:

This week we made a rhyming soup. This is definitely one of the children’s favourite activities. They did so well finding different rhyming words and were able to think of nonsense rhyming words too.

We are making lot’s of silly soup, we are making soup that’s silly.

We are going to put it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly.

We also ‘picked’ fair trade bananas and tried to blend CVC words. Good job everybody!!!

Funky fingers activities:

Our morning funky fingers activities were so much fun. We practised cutting skills while getting ready the picnic. Sausages and chips, lolly and banana is always a winner!!!


In Maths we linked our Re topic and did halving/sharing. The children listened to a lovely story too. Why don’t you have a go at home:

We also had a lots of fun playing a fair trade bingo game. Don’t forget to say BINGO!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery – God’s wonderful world

There is so much to explore in God’s wonderful world! We celebrated diversity and also the similarities we share with those who live around the world. We talked about how we share the world with different animals, trees, plants and so much more. We ‘visited’ different countries and ‘talked’ different languages. We embraced the idea of looking after the world, just like God does.

The song we sang this week is ‘He’s got the world in his hands’. The children loved it. You can have a go too:

The children enjoyed looking at the Globe while singing the song and we also pointed at different countries like England, Ireland, Italy, Australia,

Our busy fingers activities were quite exciting too. The children decorated their own flag and learned interesting facts about other countries flags.

In Learning through play we learned how to reuse things like egg cartons, boxes, bottles, by using them for our models, arts and crafts.

Our weekly project was a hit. We made an amazing display with different God’d creatures and again talked about how we can look after them.

God said ‘Take care of my world’ . The children had brilliant ideas of how to look after God’s wonderful world:

  • ‘By looking after the animals, feeding them and taking them to the pet.’
  • ‘When we pick up rubbish from the grass.’
  • ‘When we go to the beach and see it’s dirty we must clean it.’

All these wonderful ideas inspired us and we decided to have a recycling game and learn more about recycling. We had different things to recycle and the children were taking turns finding the right bucket. I think they did amazing!

Our story of the week was ‘The Creation’. You can listen to the story too:

The children were truly impressed by the story and shared wonderful ideas with us.

  • ‘God made the sun, so we can see in the morning.’
  • ‘The trees will get fruit, so the people and the creatures can get food.’
  • ‘God was making all the animals. It was dark and the sun came.’

Letters and Sounds:

This week we have been practising our alliteration skills. The children played letters and sounds games like ‘Musical chairs’ and ‘Pass the ribbon’. They worked very hard and are definitely gaining confidence in recognising initial sounds.


In Maths this week we’ve been talking about patterns. We read the story ‘Hooray for fish’ by Lucy Cousins. It’s a lovely story about different patterned fish. At the end the children did their own patterned fish.

‘Little red hen’:

The children did very well learning the story ‘Little red hen’ by heart. They confidently do the actions too. We developed our story maps and even wrote our own story, following the ‘Little red hen’ story pattern. I am sure you will enjoy the retelling as much as I do!!! Nursery children, you are the best!

For the retelling video, please go to your Tapestry account/memos.

And this is our new story. It’s amazing… Maybe we can even publish it!!!

Once upon a time there was a little red horse. One evening she found a house.

Who will help me fix the house?

Not I said the green dinosaur, pterodactyl.

Not I said the rainbow mermaid.

Not I said the duck.

Then the fairy helped the little red horse and they lived happily ever after!

The end.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Water, water everywhere!

This week we were busy exploring The Ocean and The Sea. We went on an adventure and met pirates on the way. We also found new friends, a tiny snail and a massive whale and sailed around the world.

‘The snail and the whale’ by Julia Donaldson describe snail and whale travels past icebergs, volcanoes, islands and coral caves, until the whale loses its way and becomes beached on land. The tiny snail decides she needs to help. This is a story which suggests however small you are and however big the world is you can make a difference. There is lots to look at in the varied landscapes and the humour and rhyme make this a great book for reading aloud and re reading. While reading we talked about rhyming words and the children did an amazing job looking for rhyming words. Why don’t you have a go too.


The children went on a treasure hunt. First they made their own treasure maps and then went outside to find the treasure. Every child had a special ‘treasure number’ to look for.

We also had lots of fun using spay bottles and chalk numbers. The children had to spray the correct number. They were just brilliant in taking turns and helping each other. Great team work nursery.

Another maths activity was to put 1-10 numbers in the correct order. Of course we used a fabulous pirate numbers and the children absolutely loved it. Again well done nursery. You all know your numbers.

Letters and Sounds:

This week we continued rhyming and blending sounds. We had to cross a whole ocean, but only if we find the rhyming pairs.

Our blending activity was a hit. The children were busy catching a fish with the fishing rode. Once you catch the fish you have to blend the sounds into words.

Expressive arts and design:

We are super proud with our ocean displays. They look amazing and the children truly enjoyed making jelly fish, seaweeds, using different shades of blue. Look at them. I think they look spectacular!

Science: Float or sink

The children had a go experimenting if different objects will float or sink. At first they had to predict and then test their prediction. They were dropping the objects one by one into the water, observing what happens.

Religious education:

This week we made a start with our new topic ‘Universal church’. We looked at the picture of a little girl, called Azmera, from Ethiopia, collecting water. We talked about how water is a precious gift from God and we need to use it well and not waste it. We also talked about all the different ways we use water at home. The children thanked God for the gift of water and wrote a special prayer. I am so proud of them and I am sure you will be too. Our class prayer is amazing!

To God

Thank you for the sea,

Thank you for the ponds.

To God. God I really want you to look after us

and make sure you want to get well

and make everyone better by giving them water.

Thank you for making as happy when we are sad.

Thank you for the swimming pool.

Thank you for giving me the water and I love you too much.

Thank you God.

Thank you God for the taps.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Zoom, zoom, zoom we are going to the moon!

The children talked so much about aliens, space and rockets, so we thought how great would be to have a Space week and explore planets, stars and maybe encounter aliens!!! The story of the week was ‘Whatever next’. We joined the little bear and went to the moon and back before bath time. We had a box for a rocket, colander for space helmet and wellies for space boots. We made friends with an owl and had picnic on the moon. And we did that just by using our imagination.

You can listen to the story too:

Of course, we built a rocket and made space helmets!!!

The children learned different facts about the space and made some paper mache planets. First we blew the balloons, then we made a sticky glue mixture and at last we ripped some news papers. Our planets were dry the next day and the children painted them in different colors.

Fine motor skills:

The children practised cutting and sticking and packed their back packs, ready to go to the moon. They chose different things like orange juice, torch and parachute. We also talked about stars and constellations and tried to recreate some of them.

Early this morning we found some aliens masks by the door. We think that maybe they landed on the playground and left them for us… Some of the children had brilliant ideas:

  • Maybe they tiptoed under the fence.
  • I think they landed on Year 1 playground.
  • Maybe next time they come we can take a picture of them and show everybody.

Letters and Sounds:

In Letters and Sounds we were practising our listening and blending skills. The children loved the Rocket Blending game and did a fantastic job orally blending and reading CVC words. They even had the space helmet on… just like a real astronaut!

We also did a listening game using different instruments while copying the astronaut’s footsteps.

Religious education:

This week we continued with our topic Reconciliation – Friends and had a friendly picnic on the playing fields. The children also painted their best friends and learned a lovely song ‘The more we get together’. You can listen to the song too:

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery – The Little Red Hen

This week we focused our learning on a lovely story ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children were super good retelling the story and I think we will be ready for our first ‘performance’ very soon. We talked about windmills, flour, wheat and how you actually change the texture of the wheat by crashing it’s grains.

‘The Little Red Hen’ was busy planting the wheat and watering it, so we thought we can plant some wheat too. We are also keeping a little diary by taking pictures. We planted the wheat in a see through cup, so we can actually see how the root will grow.

Of course we’ve made amazing windmills!!! The children used variety of boxes, sticks, paper and paint and look at those spectacular windmills. Well done, Nursery!

We also talked about how the windmill works. What makes it move? The children watched a short video and were super impressed.

Our hand print red hens look fabulous!!!

Letters and Sounds:

We’ve been thinking about initial sounds and played a fun Bucket game. The children showed great skills recognising the sounds and also throwing different objects into the buckets.

We also talked about Rhyming strings. The children were busy finding the right grain to go in the bags. Great job, Nursery!


Our maths lessons were mainly outside and the children were super quick subitizing  numbers.

Great news! We picked up our first strawberries this week. They were delicious!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery – A fantastic first week!

What a fantastic first week we’ve had! The children were absolutely brilliant learning the new routine and getting to know the new rules. They did so well washing their hands and while doing it they practised some counting…all the way up to 20…wow that is a big number. It’s been lovely to see everybody settling in so well.

The children took part in our Glitter Germ Experiment. It helps them to actually ‘see the germs’ and give them a more concrete understanding of how handwashing and germ prevention work. The coolest thing that really catches the children interest is how when soap is added to the water the germs (glitter) quickly moves away. The more soap the faster the reaction.

We also listened to a new story ‘While we can’t Hug’. Hedgehog and Tortoise were the best of friends.They wanted to give each other a great, big hug.But they weren’t allowed to touch…..

Of course we made lots of rainbows and displayed them in our new classrooms.

We spend lots of time outside. The children absolutely loved playing with the hula hoops, balls, racing, and doing cat wheels.

We’ve had a busy, busy week. The children were sticking, cutting, reading, building, threading:

The children were super helpful too. They were brilliant in tidying, washing and wiping. Our toys are clean and ready to be used on a Monday. This is a great exercise for fine and gross motor too. Good team work everybody!

What a lovely end to a memorable week in school …. Disco and yummy ice lolly!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery – Welcome back

Hello children,

I am super excited to see some of you on the 1st of June. I really missed you all and can’t wait to hear your amazing stories and experiences!

We worked very hard and I think your new classrooms look superb!!! You can take a peek too.

This is Nursery Group 1 classroom. Exciting times…. you are already in reception!!!

This is Nursery Group 2 classroom. Exciting times …. back to your old classroom!!!

Things you will need:

  • Named water bottle.
  • Named sun hat.
  • Raincoat.
  • Spare clothes.
  • Please apply sun cream before school.
  • Piece of fruit.
  • No need to have your book bag with you.

Looking forward seeing you all!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Solakova

Nursery Home Learning – 22.05.2020

Good morning Nursery!

Massive Thank you for your continued support! As always you have been very creative and encouraging! Well done to you all and keep going! You are amazing St. Adrian’s!!!

A good practice is to read every day!

Lovely to see that many of you spend time outside building dens, visiting deer, exercising, cycling and so much more….

Well done for practising your cutting skills!

Attention, attention!!! Let me introduce you our little scientists!

Here is a very innovative art session, reusing stamps. Love the idea! Great for the environment too!

Making cookies is always a hit… Lots of counting, measuring, comparing opportunities!

Helping mummy at work is always a pleasure!

Thank you for your wonderful Peacock rainbow!!!

Let’s dance!!!

Whether you choose music from your favourite playlist, or make your own beats, dancing with your child helps them to discover different kinds of music and moving in different ways. It’s also a lot of fun!

You will need:
Some tunes and a way to play them
Or a way to make your own beats – a metal spoon against the table/ upturned pots and a wooden spoon/clapping
You and your child

1. Get the music going. Over time try to vary the music/beat so your child can respond to different kinds of music: slow, fast, soft, loud, disco, classical, reggae, Bollywood.
2. Dance! Move with your child in response to the music. You can model this. Notice what they do. If the music/beat is slow, do they move differently to when it’s fast? Give your child time to explore the music and the way they move. Mirror what they do and encourage them to move different parts of their body.
3. Use lots of vocabulary: quiet, soft, loud, sleepy, fast, quick.
4. Have fun! Dancing might make you both laugh, feel a bit silly, be out of breath together, pull funny faces or do some cool moves.

Extension Ideas
Choose two music tracks that are very different to each other or have some different ways to make sounds (a metal pot and spoon, and a plastic pot and wooden spoon will make different kinds of sounds). Play something slow – how does it make your child feel? Use lots of vocabulary: sleepy, tired, lazy, sad. Can your child move slowly, stretchily, gently? Then play something fast and funky! How does this make them feel? Happy, busy, silly, fizzy. Can your child move in a busy or fizzy way? Play a quick switch game, where you swap from one kind of music to the other without telling them – are they listening, and do they change their movements?

Have a happy half term week!

Mrs Solakova